I Saw My Dead Father

It was 4 years ago that I had an out of body experience. I was in the hospital with a pulmanary embolism on both lungs and was almost dead when I got to the hospial they admitted me and I was in ICU. A few hours later I was taken down ro surgery. I was laying there,and all the sudden i stopped breathing. while they were trying to get my heart started again, I could see myself laying on the table from above. I started drifting towards the light, and when I got there I saw my father, and he said I had to go back, it was not my time. I was reluctant, but I did.
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This is called a near death experience brought on by being either dead and resuscitated, or without a heartbeat, etc. Read more about this phenomenon ... A top brain surgeon and gifted neurologist both had this experience and proved that it is not from lack of oxygen, brain dying or any other chemical or brain issue. It is truly spiritual-- your soul energy leaving a dead or nearly dead body.

I'm pretty sure I wasn't dying. I was just very relaxed aha.

I think these experiences are just the early signs of your brain cells dying. It can take upto 5 minutes before your brain fully dies and during this time, your brain cells are going haywire and shutting off, causing a magnitude of hallucinations, visions, feelings, lights, sounds etc.

Ive heard these comments b4 when people have died and met their familey I beleive outr lifes are all planned out b4 we are born and appernetley you have a lot more to live and learn b4 you pass ove to the other side thats why your dad sought of said to you its not your time what a beutiful thing to see your deceased father

People seem to be so nice in these lights. I haven't been there myself, but the stories I hear remain the same.

What an experience.

Scary! But yet also hopeful! You will be with your dad again when it is time. I hope everything is going well for you.

o wow i always thought that would be cool to see ur own body were u scared??