My First Obe Left Me Terrified

I remeber one night is halfway asleep. I was in the phase where i was still awake but i was beggining to enter my dreams. I remember it clearly. For a second i thought i was about to fall asleep but then i felt my body begin to shake uncontrolably. I remember being able to see a wide variety of colors just flashing and going in and out. I could feel myself begin to lift upwards. It was at that point that i began to feel fear. Through out this entire event i was completley conscious. I recall thinking to myself 'oh my god im leaving my body.' it was like i had control but at the same time i didnt. I managed to regain complete control and was able to get myself back to reality. I felt as if i had fallen down and jerked in my bed. Afterwards i just layed there paralyzed in fear. I was trembling in fear and felt as if there was sonething in my room. I couldnt explain it. I was too scared to try and go back to sleep for fear of expiriencing it again. My bed was right next to my wall
And after i had regained myself i found myself facing the wall. Everything felt as if it was getting darker and for the life of me i couldnt get myself to turn around. I didnt want to out of fear. I lay there for what seemed like an
hour. I eventually did fall asleep and i havent expirienced anything like that again. This happened almost 4yrs. Ago. I have currently gained an interest in astral projection but icant get over the fear of my first time
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

The panic and fear happened to me when i almost obe'd when i was 8 years old. I didn't understand what it was then so i scared me senseless. From what I've researched the fear of leaving your body is normal and lessens as you do it more but never permanently goes away. It's the unknown. Though getting past the fear is the hard part i know that from experience considering i haven't yet.

Your not alone,that sounds a lot like what happens to me. I wanna explore astral projection as well,it sounds great! I just can't control it and I think the fear we get comes from that. If we can find a way to control those feelings of extreme fear I we can have lots of amazing experiences with our out of body selves. If you have any new info on this please hit me up!

I've had an OBE also and it felt amazing as much as it is scary. When I left my body in my sleep I thought I was dead so I went back and I never had one since?