Out Of Body Experience In A Deep Sleep!

I lived with my Dad at the time and I was 24 years old when it happened. I was in a deep sleep when all of a sudden I felt my whole body get tingly almost like your musles are spasing out but felt like it was a type of energy I can't describe. Anyway in a sleep like state I started to come out of my body head first coming out which was a glowing blue color. My legs were the hardest to release from and then I emerged into this ball of energy that just floated above my bed where I could observe me sleeping under the covers. I remember feeling wonderful, like I could float anywhere but was to afraid to go anywhere. I stayed above my body and could still hear but it felt like a echo. Seeing every thing was fuzzy and remember thinking to myself that death can't be so bad after all. Then returning back to my body was the rough part because I knew I was back to my body and was totally drained of all energy to move. This is by far the best thing that's ever happened to me because it changes you for the rest of your life, you never forget it.
nschanen nschanen
26-30, M
Dec 1, 2012