My Experience

I was in my teenage years when it started happening. At first i felt like there was someone or "something" trying to harm me. And it would slowly get closer and closer to me,and even though i never saw anything i felt the sensation of grave danger. I felt as if I was not in my body but kinda like I was hovering above myself. Everything was all black, I could feel myself but i couldn't move except roll my eyes,my head left to right, and breathe heavy hoping someone would hear me and wake me up. Sometimes ending with me finally regaining use of my body and waking up with a blood curdling scream. Scary huh? Ya it was. Eventually as time went on they started getting more and more intense(what I thought was night terrors) until this one night... I was living in my grandparents basement,I don't remember what time I fell asleep but all of the sudden I opened my eyes I was staring at myself sleeping on my bed. I was floating at the top of my room with my back turned towards the ceiling. I was not afraid at all and I was perfectly content. I watched myself breathing for a bit,then I looked at my tv and there was a commercial on (i forget what it was) i continued looking around my room and everything was exactly the same as I remember it. Then all the sudden I started slowly moving towards myself on the bed. I began to feel that same sense of fear I got when this kinda thing started happening. I continued descending and I could feel the fear and anxiety intensifying the closer I got. Then,when I "hit" I woke right up,breathing heavy and my heart pounding. I looked around my room scared shitless about what I just went through. I looked at my tv and the weirdest part was the EXACT SAME commercial was on my tv that I saw while I was floating. Right then and there I knew I genuinely had an out of body experience. And everybody I tell this to just says "it was probably just a bad dream" but I know different it did not feel like a dream. That commercial on tv is what keeps that experience so vividly fresh in my mind.
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it was real