Red Planet

Ok this is gonna sound weird but I'm just worried that this out of body experience could of been for a reason or simply just a dream like every other person.I have dreams like every body else but I tend to fly in most of my dreams, so one time I was dreaming that I was flying, flying is something I love doing while dreamin. So I looked up looking at space from earth I decided to fly out of planet earth into space I was going at such great speed that everything I passed looked blury. I passed by planets as well but there was this planet I landed on, it was hard solid nothing but red gases in and out this planet, something didn't feel right I felt kind of scared and I just out of nowhere I felt my spirit just rush back to my body so quick it felt like I had no control and I woke up confused as to where I had gone because that place after waking up gave me a bad feeling that I couldn't understand, since then I've had dreams were I'm flying but everytime I look into space now its not the same, I fear of going back out into space as if something bad is out there, I tried a couple times taking off into space but by the time I reach the point were I'm leaving the planet and I feel this darkness in space and I see darkness and fear takes over and I always wake up when this happens. Any body else dreamed of this planet because this is were it gets weirder this planet I have heard about called nibirus is so familiar by the way its described like the one I visited while I had my out of body experience, not saying nibirus is real but if there is something that looked a lot like the planet I went to it is definitely this planet called nibirus call me crazy but I know what I saw, this happened to me maybe 3 years ago, I just thought that if anybody else had this type of experience of going to a red plqnet.
javidaf javidaf
26-30, M
Jan 21, 2013