I Went To Heaven Without Dying At Age 14

My name is Shelly ,I am now 44 years of age , I am only sharing my story now !...this experience will stay with me all of my Life ,it is still fresh like it were yesterday , it was March 21st 1983 was the Day ,i had lost My Beautiful Mother to cancer ...30 years ago. I have always been very connected to the spiritual world as a child , at the time I was very religious , I consider myself to be more spiritual now than religious ! I helped nurse my Mother through out her illness , I took many days off school . This particular day ,I was forced to go to school ,our bell went at 3:15 . Suddenly I fell to the ground it was as if my soul had left my body , I gasped for air and tears rolled down my cheeks .my friends had to help me onto the next bus ,as I missed the first not wanting to go home . I some how knew it was my Mum .. !! My body knew but not my mind , my friends and my sister were awaiting at the bus stop were I was to get off ... I looked at all thier faces i yelled Nooooo . I didn't want to hear it ! Don't say the words , I wanted to prolong as long as I could .
That night I was so angry , why was I not beside her , Why .. noooo ..it was me that was with her when she was sick , yet I never got to kiss her hug her say goodbye .. All night crying until I couldn't breath at one stage I think i had a some kind of panick attack what if she didn't go to Heaven ? What if Mum wasn't really a beliver ? I started to panick I couldn't breath tears were pouring my head was spinning .. Lying on my bed crying was with such deverstation .. My Love for her so deep so deep so deverstated I belive i passed out ..or began to die of a broken heart .. I'll never know .. But it was a gift I will never forget . No tunnel , just floating in space as I came upto the light as if it were a shelf , I had panoramic vision on my left were all thease people in white cloaks women Men all lining up for the gates , they all so content at peace , they spoke and aknoledged me but without moving thier heads or talking .thier minds spoke to me as I walked passed the the line, everybody knowing I was a visitor , including myself .. First feeling was wow such peace everybody felt equal, I can't explain , the gold gates ahead as I walked (glided) closer on my right behind the gates you could see in thier what was the most amazing thing I had ever seen , what was strange is I understood it all , like I had different a different brain , it adapted and knew everything . It's like a voice over as I was watching , I could see whom i knew was Abraham , he was picking people up then putting them into the water the light on the water sparkled gold sunset they came up dry , even thier hair .. I looked at This womans hair shining yellow gold tinges of red and yet it was brown , it was so beautiful.. Thier were rocks all around sparkling rocks id never seen in my life !! Also flowers that were big and colors i had never seen in my Life my eyes could see .. Yet In that moment I realized it was Mum as soon as I realized I herd her laugh this nervous proud laugh, she would do but this one was of excitement of me seeing her ,so healthy and i later realized she was getting baptized before going into heaven , thier were another set of gates , she was like a little girl with excitement , she turned to me telepathy telling me see darling I made it , I didn't need to hug her as thier was no fear I was connected , she said its not your time but one day as if I was the one missing out not her .. And I felt that she had made it . I said goodbye with a smile , I was so content I knew exactly where she was , when I woke it was as if I peace .. My eyes that had cried for hours were dry .I thanked god and angles for letting me see her enter ,i knew it wasnt a dream when my sanity would question .. Most of all how I knew it wasn't a dream was the colours ,although forgotten my eyes can't see now what they could then , I don't belive a dream can do that , my imagination couldn't either .. All I know is weather anyone belived it or not .. I myself know and saw heaven I am so lucky to have this knowing for the past 30 years and for my entire Life I have never feared death since .. Nor worried did Mum make it .. My guides knew i needed to see and they knew i deserved to say goodbye .. Im so so thankful ..I am in contact with My Mother more today than when she lived in human form we are closer now than ever , I as a human miss her phycically as do we all .. Thankyou for reading and pls forgive my lack of punctuation .id love to hear of anyone else experience what I did without illness ect .. Or explain what happened to me , I have always wonderd .. Mum I Love you xxx
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What a wonderful Testimony Thank you so much for your story! :)

I too had very similar experience at age 18. 1990.

While working in walmart. I was employed as Temporary Holiday Help Christmas of 1989 that turned into the New Year 1990.

In early January,
While collecting change from a male patron (after Christmas holiday's ).

As soon as this person's hand made Contact with mine..something Happened. .

I was taken....saw light/tunnel

I was "gone" for what felt to be 20 min. I "saw" purest light.
Indescribable. ..I saw how we are all connected.
I SAW type of energetic "veins"..connecting All Humans..past/present /future.

I was given a very clear vision of how TIME---truly is an illusion!

I also started to question, Why can't I see (this type of seeing was NOT WITH MY EYES BUT WITH MY MIND)...Why can't I hear /smell/touch/taste. ..

Instantly I began my journey "back"
I went through that same iridescent type of tunnel.

While at the same time- I began to (come "back")...
I heard a song by John Lennon. .All You Need is Love.

I began to reason that I would be found on the floor behind the jewelry counter (my station at work).

Suddenly I was Back! !
In Walmart. .standing before the patron who had handed me change for his jewelry purchase.
I asked if he, "felt that".

He replied, "no".

I went home and shared this experience with my mother.
She said that she had been praying for me-- at the exact time my "vision " occurred.
The main feeling that I will Never Forget was INFINITY.

For you see.,not one SECOND had gone by...The young man handing me change had not moved and I had Not moved.
True infinity (It is real)
No more/less for any....

I had previously been mourning the loss of my stepbrother Michael.
I feel this experience was "gifted" to me.
To help me cope and processes his tragic death only two years prior.

Hi shelly I'm new to this site. In fact your story is why I joined (to respond). I am a 50 year old mother/grandmother. Worst day of my life, I lost my baby girl 9-2012. And to make matters even more challenging she left behind her 2 special needs boys.that at that point became VERY SPECIAL NEEDS.I was called to her home on that Sunday they stated they couldn't wake her. She had a grand mall seizure disorder and she ALWAYS required my help.she said I was momma I could always fix it. I had the boys as I had raised them from 3weeks old due to her health concerns. Seizures bipolar and significant delays.We go over to help my girl.i tell her boyfriend keep the boys up front do not let them back that hall. I reach her and she looks pale I yell her name I slightly shake her for a response.i put my ear on her chest I can't hear movement I start CPR. I YELL I DONT HEAR THEM WHO CALLED 911. They reply no one we called you.i said omg call 911.i give cpr until they arrive 10 minutes later.other to lay my cheek on her cold forehead and plead please lord take me let her stay with her babies! She was 27 years old. But I forgot to add my reason for writting.her boys came back to the room and witnessed her lifeless body as I was doing cpr at ages 7 and 6.they are still so traumatized by this they are linked into ever resource humanly possible.they may never lead normal lives again.nightmares every nite.you in a sense are lucky at any age it's trauma... I had dreams where I woke crying so hard.my dream was she was still alive and police staged her death to nail the household members that drugged her.and that last part was true.then a year later when I was so very depressed she was gone she appeared to me in my sleep .she said momma I need to show you something we are gonna fly. I said baby girl you know I have fears of airplanes.she said silly I'm gonna fly you.at that point I knew it was no longer a dream..she and her wings I didn't see at first were so beautiful. So happy so healthy. Next thing I knew we were in heaven. I asked her am I dead she said no.... I knew as protective as you are it was gonna take this to assure you I was ok..and I seen many angels children adults in a very wide stair case all happy and talking sorta loud. The most beautiful fields of flowers forever and ever.and the most remarkable thing it was so very peaceful.last part of the dream she told me I'd be up there soon and we d never be separated again then I woke in my bed with a very strong memory of it.... happy and sad moment all mixed into one.

i think its wonderfull jerney of yours to hevan , your feeling of heven is very wonderfull to feel , , good luck , you are soooooooooo luky