I am an 18 year old student who has been struggling with sudden/random out of body experiences my whole life. The first time I can remember I was in kindergarten and I noticed I was looking down at the top of my head as I grabbed a book off the bookshelf. I was afraid because I didn't have an explination for what was going on and I didn't know how to get back to my body. It happens at least once or twice every couple months, during intense basketball games or traveling to new places or big buildings. I now know that it happens when I become too overwhelmed and acts as some sort of coping technique where I just float above my body rather than dealing with the stress of my current situation. I eventually learned to play with it a little and would leave my body on purpose while I was doing chores or homework, and float around as time passed and my body was left in auto pilot doing a task. As I got more curious I began to research things and found that Out of body experience matches my description exactly. I've been looking everywhere for somebody educated about this to talk to, because I have lots of questions such as how do I ground myself to get back into my body? It gets scary sometimes when it lasts too long and any information or response would be extremely helpful and much appreacited. I'm so relieved I'm not the only one who's had this experience! please contact me for any questions or information you have or need! thanks
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So,you are natural astral projector.This is a really valuable gift.
I've been practicing and reading about these for 3 years.
And I can answer any question you have on your mind about this.
And of course if u want I can help you to control yourself and increase your body's energy.
I read the book name "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce
It explains all about astral world and the structure of astral body and even the upper world and upper body.
It seems u just can travel to the astral world but with that book u can travel to the upper world or you can ask me I've finished that book and i can help u..

There was a guy that wrote a book about his experiences of going out of body. His name is Robert Monroe and he researched his activity to the extent of starting his own vacility called "The Monroe Institute" in Virginia, USA. You can google it to find all about what they do. I am sure that someone will give you advice if you email them. They sell books, cd's... all manner of things relating to out of body experiences and related experiences like remote viewing, spirit guides and the like.

It's amazing to have the ability to do it on command. Though it didn't start out that way. Do you have any shamans in your family? Did you have any early abuse as a child? These two items seem to create the mental state to do OBE. Men in combat sometimes "learn" this as a means of escaping physical danger.

I found that just wanting to return to the body works. Intend to return, but you might have a fear of living in the body which is working against you. Fear of living in the body would be an Anti-Intention. You could try focusing on a part of your body that you want to feel. If you have a fear of living (in the body), you might discuss this with somebody close. Life is uncertain and pain is often unpredictable or undesirable.

I would encourage going barefoot anywhere outdoors for a while. Pay attention to how the earth feels under your feet. Beaches work great if you got one nearby. Try a meditation where you imagine feeling the energy of the earth entering the bottom of your feet and arising up to your head. This helps with grounding our person to the earth. Another option is to find a Reiki Master and have them do a 90 minute session for you, after you explain this to them. They know how to ground your energy body.

I don't recommend a minister, since they will create a fear of OBE. Usually talking about demons from Hell being behind this. It will stop OBE and give you another fear to live with. I prefer living as fearless as possible. I prefer living in love with what is.

this is super helpful thanks a bunch! and yes my mom had a lot of trauma & abuse as a kid which gave her this ability that I guess I inherited, but I had a very sleepy, easy & comfortable childhood. which I think is why I can play with it more. i am a follower of God but that doesn't change the fact that this happens and I don't know where I stand as a Christian if I'm messing around with spiritual stuff that I don't understand. I have been told not to try and do it anymore but having this "ability" requires a lot of mind control, which is also difficult to accomplish since I am diagnosed with severe A.D.D.

Thanks for filling in some information. It's hard to have a spiritual experience without some kind of belief system behind it or becoming formed. An OBE right away answers the question, Are we more than our physical bodies? I consider it a neutral playground, it is neither good or evil. I actually don't care whether I go Out or not. I do not seek it, nor have I learned how to do it on-command. Once you go out once, odds are good it will happen again. You are not alone in this kind of experience. You are not going insane or weird or special. It's just different.

wow what a relief ! I feel a lot better about it, thankyou. is it unusual though for it to happen spontaneously while I'm sitting in class or during a basketball game? the fact that it reoccurs so much is the weird part. it's difficult to live my life when I'm never really there to experience the parts that help me grow as a person

I have to admit, I haven't met many who have it occur while wide awake and busy. I have known one other and she just learned to live with it. I know of several who do it on a regular basis as part of religious ceremonies or for healing others (Shamans). We should have some on EP I would think. It doesn't help to resist it. What we resist, often persists. You have more control over it than you've learned so far. After all, it is YOU doing it. I would do some foot focusing. While not Out, focus on a foot while moving your toes. Just a minute, maybe a few times per day. Then when Out, try the foot/toe focus. The Out You, cannot stay out while you are connected OR connecting to your body. Don't fear any part of it. Nobody has ever left and not come back. Some people have promoted that lie on-line.

that's great! that just answered so many questions thanks a lot :) I'll consider what you've told me today and let you know how it goes ! again thankyou so much you don't even know how relieved I am

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