Was This An Out of Body Experience

i was sitting on my bed questioning is there a god, and i decided that day if nothing happened then i would give up this search and put it down to my questioning mind. So i sat there i blanked my mind and sat almost in a trance. When suddenly there was a hand in front of my face a grey skinny hand, i was not shocked or scared i just looked on. in the hand were three seeds, which rolled around on the plam. A voice then said, 'look at these seeds', then it took a plant pot placed the seeds in the earth and they started to grow, the voice said 'you see you have to plant the seeds to make them grow', so i said 'yes but where did the seeds come from'. Next i was in my kitchen on the side were a bowl, a bag of sugar, packet of eggs a bag of flour and a bag of currants, then they were all mixed together then there was a cake, the voice said 'you see you always had the ingredients you had to put them together to make the cake'.  Next thing i was travelling through the air i was looking down on myself on the bed then the voice said, 'look at that wardrobe' i looked at the wardrobe and it was as if the wardrobe took up half of my room then it said now look at this and the wardrobe sunk back into its corner and the room looked massive, it said 'you see that wardrobe is very small compared to this room isnt it'. I had to agree then it took me above my flat i was looking down on my flat as though the roof had been taken off, and it showed me the room in realtion to the flat and it said, 'and compared to this flat that room is nothing is it', i had to agree, then it took me to the window it said 'now look at that' i looked down the road there were houses on houses it said 'and compared to this road this flat is nothing is it', i had to agree. Then it said 'now look at this' it took me through the sky, it showed me the earth below and it said 'and compared to this that is nothing is it' I had to agree. Then it took me through the stars then through the blackness and then it said 'and compared to this that is nothing', then it stopped on the edge of the blackness the two grey hands went infront of my eyes and slowly they opened up and the voice said 'and this is heaven' and as the hands opened up the brightest light shone in front of me. I was back on my bed thinking wow what the heck happened there.  

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Jesus told us to give to Ceasar what belongs to him and to God what is God's. <br />
Ceasar representing man. What belongs to us. What do we truly have that is ours. Be open to the possibility that God is more than a man-made concept and more of a Spiritual being guiding us to a better understanding of our state of being.

Sounds incredible!!!! <br />
I suspect you are an open person... meaning listening with your spiritual senses... I think this is a great quality.. plus you are asking questions.. ie. a seeker.. looking for answers... another great quality.. <br />
<br />
Can't really say much about what you experienced... though it sounds like it was instructive.. giving you perspectives... <br />
In my mind.. experience always out weighs, "logic and reason... ".. <br />
When you experience something...you know it's reality. <br />
People that share from logic and reason just don't know what the experience was like.. Make sense??? <br />
Guess what I'm saying is.. stay true to yourself... and listen... <br />
As I read your words.. I thought of the Biblical story of, "sowing and reaping".... also the thought of "Faith",<br />
like a "mustard seed"... plant it.. and let it grow.. <br />
It sounds like this was a good experience... <br />
meant for you.. in your ears... inner voice.