Out Of Body Experience

First and last OBE


The following is a true account of an experience; I was not under the influence of any kind of drugs. Or suffer from any mental health problems (I don’t think!)

I have had the odd occurrences of sleep paralyses, but I know this can be explained.  As the brain shuts down the ability of the body to move while sleeping, to stop oneself from thrashing about while dreaming. On some occasions this still functions for a few moments when a person wakes up. Giving the impression that you are unable to move.  Which can be very frightening.

I know the following event will be dismissed as either a waking dream or a case of hypnagogia or lucid dreaming. But as far as I’m aware, I was wide-awake when the experience happened.

This is my first and only OBE, even though I have tried, but failed to repeat the experience


I have always been interested in meditating to relax. I’m pretty opened minded. But also a little sceptic about astral travel and OB E, until an occurrence one summer’s day in 2008.

A friend and myself had a discussion on Meditation, a few days before my experience. I commented that when meditating I sometimes felt as if I was drifting out of my body.

But always panicked and stopped the sensation.

Often you experience this floating sensation just as you are falling to sleep.

My friend suggested “that I just go with it” next time this occurred”. After all, what could possibly happen?

A few days later, I lay meditating in my holiday static caravan, practising deep breathing. It was lovely a sunny day with just a light cool breeze blowing through the open window to my right.

As a lay there I felt the sensation of rocking from side to side, quite a pleasent feeling. As if laid in the bottom of a boat in a slight swell.

My first impressions were that it was the breeze rocking the caravan. But it suddenly dawned on me! That the breeze was far to light to have affected the caravan in this way. But decided to ignore this, as the sensation was very relaxing.

Within a few seconds the rocking was quite suddenly replaced with the feeling of floating up above my body by about two feet. This happened very quickly. So I didn’t really have time to react. I didn’t open my eyes,.. as I believed the sensation would cease .

A few seconds later I felt myself rotating 180 degrees. I now had the feeling that if I opened my eyes I would be floating above my body, looking down at myself.

Still under the impression that this was just a pleasant trick of the mind, I was not overly concerned.

If I was to open my eyes  as far as I knew …. I would be lying on my back on the sofa.

 A moment after I felt as though I was lifted head first, upwards and back into a standing position.

I was quite calm and relaxed. And thought the experience quite pleasant.

 But as soon as I was in the fully upright standing position.., all hell broke lose.

 It was though I had just been dropped down what I can only describe as a bottomless tunnel/Wormhole at a terrific speed. And what’s more, I could see everything, even though I wasn’t aware that I had opened my eyes

I can remember thinking or saying “SH!!!!”T

I then found myself lying on the sofa, back in the here and now,


I glanced over at my wife, meditating on the other side of the room. Thinking I may have disturbed her! 

But no..... she was still meditating as though nothing had happened.

I was amazed the experience was so vivid, I was sure it wasn’t a dream.

 After a minute or so decided to carry on meditating. To my amazement a few moments after closing my eyes the it started to repeat.

First with the rocking sensation, then floating as before.

I knew what was coming next when I started to float back to the standing position.

 And I had decided not to panic as I had on the first occasion,... and just go with it.

The second I was in the fully upright position, the same thing happed again!.... I was now looking down at my feet, falling down this tunnel at a terrific speed.

It was as if I was falling through the centre of a tunnel. The tunnel was not straight, but seemed to bend and oscillate as I hurtled downwards at an incredible speed.

The noise or vibrations where incredibly loud and it was difficult to make things out

On the walls of this tunnel there seemed to be what I can only describe as rectangle shaped images flying passed either side of me.

These where moving so fast that I couldn’t make out what they were, though I got the impression that they were actual scenes or events.

I guess the experience so far, seemed to have lasted about 5 seconds,.....and I was beginning to get a little apprehensive at the speed I was travelling at,...... and if the tunnel had a bottom?

At this point I just Stopped, I mean one-second I’m travelling at what seemed to be thousands of miles per hour, the next I’m not....... there was no transition period!.....I am just floating in space no longer in the tunnel. 

All around me are billions of stars, but not like you see when you look up at the night sky.

All these stars are exactly the same size; same colour (flame yellow) and appeared to be exactly the same distance apart, totally uniform.

But what was odd I could see them all exactly the same. (“Sorry this next part is hard to explain ”….It’s a bit like trying to describe a colour to someone who’s never seen it before)….. It didn’t matter how distant the stars were from me, I could see them all exactly the same. It’s though width and depth didn’t exist anymore, yet there was width and depth

I  just floated there... looking at this beautiful scene. When out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed some movement in the stars to my left. Just a tiny movement at first,....a few of the stars slowly started to revolve round each other.., this pattern then repeated itself with all the other stars .The sky was like a giant kaleidoscope.... stars, spinning, turning and falling in to galaxy’s. At the same time these galaxies were moving away from each other.... It was the most wonderful site I had ever seen.

The next moment I found myself back on the settee in my caravan.

I sat up and looked over at my wife, who was still meditating.


I was incredible I was wide-awake and hadn’t been sleeping; it’s though I really had been to this place and observed these events. But at the same time it seemed utterly impossible.

After a few minutes I decided to lie down and close my eyes and think about what had just happened. To my utter amazement the rocking sensation started again. I was no longer apprehensive about what may happen to me and looked forward to going back to witness these celestial events.

......(I wont detail here, all the floating and tunnel experience parts again. But non-the less this happened exactly the same as the previous time).......

As before I came out of the tunnel, but was quite disappointed at what I could see, there were no stars

I seemed to be inside what all I can describe as a chamber. The walls of the chamber had a quilted appearance with an amber like glow emanating through its walls.

I remember thinking to myself where am I?.......... It didn’t seem as pleasant  as the last location.

Looking around me rather puzzled. I noticed,... what I can only describe as a very small piece of cotton wool float- pass my field of view.

It was then that I realised that I was in a liquid of some kind. I felt myself slowly moving down this chamber. It was only then that it came apparent that I was in the Womb. I was observing my own Birth!

On this realisation I was back in the caravan

 I was so excited. I immediately went across to my wife and conveyed my adventure,

My only disappointment is that my wife hadn’t experience this with me.

It felt so real, I still cant explain it too this day.....I feel as though I was being shown something....I just can't figure it out

PS.I didn’t have any religious revelations or feel the presence of a higher being. Though I do believe in a God


This experience has never recurred even though I have tried to repeat the same conditions.  I will never forget this experience.

Over time,.. the events of that day tend to fade and self-doubt creeps in. Though at the time I was Adamant that it was as real as could possibly be

I have written this account. As have often wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience. I would welcome any serious responses





















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12 Responses Apr 17, 2010

Think I have had 2 experiences. Im only 16. Scared me real bad. The second time I watched myself start running down the road but my dad stopped me.. Is this a normal out of body experience? Both times I was suck.

First ...but don't bet on last! That's what I thought last December (21.12. 2012, I remember the date because some people said it's end of the world lol) Second? ...Last night! Didn't do anything to provoke it ...just happened.

You called it "rocking" sensation. I called it errr..don't know how to describe it for sure but perhaps - pleasant tingling which quickly turned into a vibration to a point I could swear there was an earthquake! What happened to me after that I can only describe as Wonderland. Mind you, I have zero experience in this kinda stuff, I don't even mediate. I am a Financial Analyst dealing with investment. I wasn't "evoking" OFB, Astral projection or whatever they called it, it just happened.... Twice! The second time made me do some research on the subject just to make sure I am not going crazy.
Need to go out now. Will share more details when I get back.
Cheers, Maya

Research Kundalini also it rocks like nothing you will ever experience its heaven on earth to the power of ten.

Have a look at the Elias forum on OBE's its channeled material, There's index there and some interesting reading.

I've had amazing experiences lasting ten days at a time exquisite. Angels exist demons also and love our lower vibration feed of the chakra parasites.

So be sure to be at peace when you pass or parasites you become. Watch your dreams the experience is why you came to this dimension. remember your mind isnt who you are and dont let it do your head in.

Look to open your pineal gland invite ur guides in but be carfull out there folks. Love and peace


i was driving my car with the wife one morning a few mouths ago and i said to her i feel funny ,i moved my head from side to side , and it simd to follow me lol, next minute my wife as me to let her drive and i said no youll suff my alloy about a minute late i felt my whole body move from itself ,and the felling was complete and utter love i think no cares no nothing and ive been thinking is this what we feel when we die ????? im not religus or anything like that very happy with my life. but if thats what is going to happen then i dont care anymore as i often thing about death and what happens as i suppose we all do. so thanks for all the storys on here about what you exsperianced spelling ent too good lol but thank for reading this dave

i have been told very recently infact two days ago by a clayvoyant that i will be very soon witnessing an obe at first to hear this i was a little worried but now reading your comments i am quite looking forward to it and will try not to pannick. If my obe does happen then i will be sure to write my comments to you all about it . your comments was really helpful and i have been told nothing can prepare me but at least i now kind of what to expect. i was told this will happen around 4am one morning

I had an OBE when i was 16, I was knitting and staring at my knitting for about an hour thinking of nothing but my stiches, my mother was in the room knitting also and all was quiet except for the ticking of the clock - slowly and without realising it I was being drawn out of the top of my head like smoke rising from a burning ember until I reached the ceiling and couldnt go any higher - my body curled up just as smoke would do and rested on the ceiling - I looked down on to the top of my head and saw I was still knitting, I could see all around the room from flat on the ceiling, I thought it was amazing and wasnt scared but started to question in my mind what was happening - as soon as i did this it was as if i had broken a spell and i was being suckedback into my body through my head from where I came out just like someone sucking in smoke I was backin my body - still knitting. I remember being dissappointed and trying to do it again. It was 50 years ago now and it never happened again - but i have never forgotton it.

I had My 1st OBE some 14 years ago. I was up late drawing and desperately trying to finish an art project when i took a second to rub my eyes. Next thing i knew was i was staring at the back of my own head (i was still in the position like i was rubbing my eyes) and i was drifting away from myself. I became aware of something moving around in the room. It looked like a grey mist, which became more opaque as i looked at it until i could make out what looked like hundreds of people all walking around my physical body in a big circle with their heads bowed. I couldn't make out any features or distinct colours, just blackness, like shadow. Fear hit hard and I suddenly found myself on the sofa in my body again, at which point i left the room as i was no longer comfortable in there. <br />
Has anyone had an experience like this? :(

I read your experience with great interest. When I was twenty seven ( I am now forty years old) I had an experience that was not the exactly same, but has a similar feel to what you experienced. I'll share it with you. <br />
I was laying in bed, sleeping- in one lazy morning. I had not opened my eyes yet, and I felt like I was in a pleasant state between waking and sleeping and was just enjoying being lucid and so relaxed at the same time. There came a distant "rushing" noise into my ears, and it sounded like mechanical whirring and rushing water all at the same time. I thought "Someone in the house must be running the dishwasher in the kitchen". The noise got louder and louder until it filled my hearing and became the center of my awareness. At the same time I saw coming toward me in the blackness of my vision (my eyes were still shut), the slowly spinning shape of a geometric green pyramid. The pyramid was not solid, rather it was formed by lines as if drawn with beams of light and it was empty space inside. I remember feeling my heart pounding, and feeling like I was so heavy I could not lift even a finger off the mattress. At the same time, I had the sensation of being pulled up toward the ceiling, like a strong magnetic force was pulling the part of me that I can only describe as my thoughts, or perhaps my awareness ...toward that pyramid. I watched in fascination and also in fear and wonder as the pyramid slowly spun closer to me and the rushing noise in my ears got uncomfortably loud.<br />
At this point, I felt terrified and opened my eyes and was aware of laying in bed on my back in silence, with the late morning sunshine streaming into the bedroom. I was covered in a cold sweat and my heart was pounding. My first thought was, "I almost left my body". My next thought was, "Damnit! Why did I stop?" I had read about astral projection and had wished on previous occasions that one day I might experience it. But nothing I'd read had prepared me for what I had just experienced. I'd never heard of geometric shapes or whirring watery mechanical sounds as part of anyone's out of body experience before. I tried to go back to that relaxed state and repeat the experience but I think it had terrified me so badly that there was really no going back to that state. So I lay in bed and breathed to calm my pounding heart. I got up and immediately went to the kitchen. The dishwasher was not running. No one else was awake yet but me. I was utterly convinced that this experience was real. It was not like any dream I'd ever had before, even the lucid dreams I've had. I had felt wide awake and seen the pyramid with crystal clarity, and heard the noise rushing noise so loudly it was almost deafening. Then as soon as I'd had the panicked thought, "No! I will not go any further with this!", the experience was over and I was too afraid to go back into something like it ever again.<br />
So thank you for writing about your experience. I now think that if I had not panicked, nothing bad would have happened to me. I might have gone through the pyramid (gate?) and seen/felt something quite wondrous. Through the years, the intensity of this memory has softened and I don't think of it often anymore. Occasionally I do remember and wonder about it though, and it was just such an impulse which led me to google "out of body experience", whereupon I found this site and your story. You wrote it about a year ago so I'm not even sure if you'll still get this. But anyway, I just wanted to say thanks. It's nice to know I'm not the only one to have experienced something like this.<br />

My dear, I am a buddist. This is exactly what the Buddha was teaching. Do dig deep into Buddihism. You'll find answers. Buddha wanted us all to practice meditation to permanently change the settings in our mind so that we can experience that ultimate pleasure and peace eternallyt. For this you have to releive yourself from all attachments, and you will never experince the heaviness in our minds which we are all holding without being aware of it. So you'll never rebirth and your spirit will always be in that utterly peaceful state....

Thank you for your comments on my obe experience.

Sorry this took so long to reply, but never really thought about my obe experience in the last few years. Until today when I came across my own story on a web search.

I think I have finally figured out the meaning of the vision.
I think its to do with coming from a perfect state i.e. the star like objects being in totally symmetry with each other. to a state of decay.
Then showing me my own birth as a comparison. err I think

Its funny you should mention the Buddhist teachings .As I visited the Dambulla cave temple in Sri Lanka a couple of years after my obe experience.

The guide was showing my wife and I around the various caves which the Buddha statues are sited.
The first few caves showed the oldest , finely stone carved and hand painted statues. Still in perfect condition.
But the last cave we visited the statues were much less impressive, with inferior artwork!
I asked the guide why this was?
his reply was that these are much later statues and that the craftsmen farmers didn't
have as much free time as the earlier statue builders.

After hearing this I felt totally overwhelmed by a feeling of sadness ,and started
openly sobbing
so much so that I had to walk away from my totally shocked wife
and guide, as I couldn't stop myself violently sobbing.
I know it was a sad story, but I didn't think It would have resulted in such a strong
emotional reaction from myself.

Kind regards

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

My dear, I am a buddist. This is exactly what the Buddha was teaching. Do dig deep into Buddihism. You'll find answers. Buddha wanted us all to practice meditation to permanently change the settings in our mind so that we can experience that ultimate pleasure and peace eternallyt. For this you have to releive yourself from all attachments, and you will never experince the heaviness in our minds which we are all holding without being aware of it. So you'll never rebirth and your spirit will always be in that utterly peaceful state....

the mind is a powerful thing...