I Got to Thinking About This

I was posting on a blog and got to thinking about this and my family from Tennessee.

The group picture there is a good number of my cousins and kids as well as my Uncle Jr. (He is the one without a shirt)

My uncle was the most laid back person you would ever meet and I have hundreds of stories about him. He served in World War II and Korea. He and his oldest son Charles Ray served in the Navy at the same time (I have a newspaper clipping showing them in uniform together.

 My uncle is one of those few people to have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and live (He did it on a bet before his ship went to the Pacific in WWII)

When In was a kid he owned a dog and yes he was so country that he never named it. It's name was dog...

My uncle had picked me up from Nashville and was taking me up the mountain to Crossville which is about 80 miles from Nashville . I opened the ashtray on the passenger door (older model car) and saw the ashtray full of water. I asked my uncle what that was about and he in the most casual way said "Oh I drove thru the river when I went fishing" When we got to the house he told me to leave the door open. When I asked why he told me a snake had gotten in the car and he hadn’t gotten it out yet


I did a lot of walking on that trip after that


He actually bought an old school bus at an auction and kept it in his backyard Was planning to use it as a hunting party bus. As a kid I use to play in the thing.   He use to sit on the front porch with a homemade sling shot and a bucket of ball bearings. He would shot squirrels and then when he had a few he'd fry them up. Yes I have eaten squirrel    I know these days with redneck culture being at a suppose high point, but let me tell you My Uncle was redneck before redneck was cool

I'll add some pictures to my album later

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She swats me alot

ROFLMBO! Poor Ck! How she gonna cope with YOU an yer nooooo WOW!!

Sorry I've been on a "No sitting in the chair" order from the doctor. All my internet time has been reduced and CK took away my game :( <br />
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That's right no WoW till April. I get to sit here an hour at a time and read emails these days.

Dang, Das! I thought you'd fallen off the Earth! We hadn't heard from ya in a while! THis story cracked me up! Think he's the same uncle you were telling me about when commenting on my Red Neck blogs. Uh, sorry to hear he passed away. YOu gotta share some more of these stories! I feel right in my back yard! LOL

Well sorry Sammy My Uncle passed away so that would be something of a hard reunion to make. GL with that though

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A squirrel omelet. Tasty.

that's sounds like great memories

yeah he named the cat but not the dog. The cat was named King<br />
<br />
He called squirrels... breakfast