I Had An Abortion 4 Hours Ago

to all the ladys who just found out they are pregnant or who are going thru the hell of doubts or who want to know they are not the one on their own who......have or will have an abortion.

yes at the beggining i had a lot of doubts too i even went to church feeling like a criminal in the society eyes but deep inside i defenitely knew i made i right decision for this period of my life and sudenly today in the morning i didn't feel nothing no doubts no negativity no hell.......maybe was just a bit scared because it was my first abortion and i didn't know is going to be painfull

when i went to the clinik i saw..........a lot of women like me some of them even with their husbands.the staff were very friendly they put me to sleep and after that i woke up in the waiting room that was it.

some women were rushing to go some of them were sleepy and some of them were so depresed and spreading this sad and negative vibe that i even thought maybe some of them like that keep writing in  this website and incouraging other women be depresed too.so i could say to ladys who are waiting for the abortion,don't listen to anyone just folow you're gut feeling and dont regeret don't judge you're self dont give up to any society rulles but..........learn to love you're self and escape these mistakes in the future

all i can say yes it changes you but its defenitely not the end of the world its just now i understood how much i will start to save and value myself and maybe even to discipline and start to see more bright things in life and PUT MEN "IN THE RIGHT PLACE"in my life (not to care about them so much) they need to go after all you're needs because in any case (like abortion)they will never take a resposability like you.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

this sickens me! I only hope u realize u mean more than u give urself credit for. It is such a shame u think you have solved a "problem". It is only the beginning of a long hurtful road. Don't confuse anger of making wrong choices in relationships as a way out. This will only happen again & again. No matter what u feel , what the situation, how big a jerk he was... it is still a human life that GOD created in u for a reason! Maybe this is a path u have to take.. a lesson to learn..Maybe you'll help someone else, eventually. I just want to say I am Sorry for your pain. It may not be registering w/ u right now but, it will. I only hope you will not be one of those girls who doesn't see there is forgiveness in GOD. I pray you will feel God's special grace in your heart and know that your baby's precious soul with be with him forever.