I Remember My First Time ... (from My Heart)

It was truly almost like an out-of-body experience.

We met at work in a far off city and 'hit it off' on the first day. we would talk about many subjects, have lunch together and work on assisting the client's business. At some point in the first month things changed and he matter-of-factly ask me out to dinner and a movie. I didn't know what to say at first. He went on to say that he sees that I am hiding 'the woman in me' and he wanted to let me let her out to enjoy life too. I had some things I picked up from a local second hand store and wore them when were were together. Skirts, blouses, heels and the like as well as some make-up and a wig.

Things progressed because our company had booked us in the same hotel and had us in the same rental car as a means of saving some money. So we were together pretty much every minute of the day which didn't bother me because he was always kind and was every bit a gentleman. I guess if you read my other stories you know, but for those who haven't I will tell you, he is a black man. He was a few years older than me, in very good shape for a man in his 50's.

We, as I said, had been pretty much inseparable now for a few months and enjoyed being with each other. Not much at first however we had progressed to holding hands, cuddling and kissing. One night we were watching some movie on TV, not an interesting one, and he was holding me tight. Kissing me and running his hands all over my body. To say the least ... I was more than warmed up to him.

He said that he wanted more, that he wanted to lay 'his woman' down. He said he had desired me as a man desires a woman for some time. He desired me however he would not make me do anything I didn't want to do. He stood up and took my hand and pulled me to him. Our lips meet again, his tongue drove into my mouth and I heard myself moan and my hand went instantly to his c*ck. As we kissed his hands roamed my body, feeling me, exploring me and taking off my blouse ... and I was feeling really good. My mind was racing and everything just felt natural and my responses flowed freely. Still kissing he took of his shirt and I instinctively dropped to my knees in front of him and started undoing his pants.

When I pulled his pants down his manhood sprang out. It was large, larger than I had expected. I remember a short gasp escaped my lips and I looked up into his eyes and smiled, then I kissed his manhood. With his hands on the back of my head he slowly eased his manhood into my mouth. He was delicious! I kissed and sucked and fondled him for a few minutes and as I heard him moaning, he said quietly not to get too far ahead cause he wanted to show me more. He gently took me under my arms, I released his sweetness from my mouth and he helped me up and laid me down on the bed with my my skirt, nylons and heels still on. Just before my back hit the bed he pulled my skirt down and it fell to my ankles.

I was now partially on and off the bed, my legs dangling to the floor. His hand slowly went up my thigh to my crotch and with the slightest squeeze he asked if I was ready. I took a breath and heard myself say that I was his and in my mind I already knew I was his for the taking. He grabbed my legs by my knees and pulled them up and readjusted his grip to my ankles and then he spread me wide-open putting my legs over my head exposing me to his wishes. His manhood was gently pushing against my opening. OMG, I couldn't believe what I was thinking but I wanted it bad. I wanted him bad. I thrust my hips forward but he just moved back saying we will go slowly. As I looked into his eyes he just smiled at me, leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips.

He than said once I start I'm going to stretch you, a lot, and you will eventually shrink back to size but I will always remember being stretched and filled. I accept that cause I really did want his beautiful and magnificent black c*ck inside me. Then without warning he slowly drove into me, just the head at first. As he did this my groin area and bottom started to tingle and spread through out my body.  He said he would take care of me and inch by inch he moved further inside me. Ohhhh, the pain! I began to cry. He kissed my tears and asked if I wanted to stop. I murmured 'No' and he kissed me some more. As he worked himself inside me, I think I said once more that it hurts and he said relax that he would take care of me.

Ever so slowly he continued to drive deeper into me and at some point the pleasure began to overwhelm the pain. I bean to moan with pleasure with every additional inch he drove into me. Finally he was all the way inside me, a good 8"-9" inside me. I felt glorious! I felt oh so womanly and feminine. His, totally and completely now. I had wanted him in me so bad .. . and now he was there. It had hurt so bad but now he was inside me filling me it was so natural. After he was in for a minute or so he slowly began to slowly pull out and I was thinking ... no, no, don't do that. But then he drove back into me. Over and over again. I was in absolute 'heaven'.

I could hear myself crying out for him to take me harder and deeper. I told him to take me and make me his. The pleasure of him and his black c*ck pounding me caused my body to tremble from the tips of my fingers to the my buttocks, my legs and even my toes. Then my hips began to move instinctively and almost out of control as I milked his massive black c*ck and got all his precious seed inside me. I slide my legs down his arms and he put them outside my legs and I wrapped my legs around his body, hooking my ankles. He put his arms underneath me and held me in a wonderful hug, kissing my face and neck continuously.

He drove into me deeper than before and my hips moved out of control as I begin to climax time after time. My body shuddering time after time, back arching ... I was feeling sooooo wonderful. Finally I felt his body start to shake. When I felt it the first time, he said he was going to c*m and where did I want him to do it. I told him without hesitation to c*m inside me, just as if he were giving me his baby. He did! Three! Four! Five times before he was spent.  I was truly filled with his seed seeping into every pore of my body. As he finished we rolled over and snuggled in bed kissing, all the while he was still inside of me just feeling a little softer now. I felt so sexy too, as well as wet with sweat (his and mine commingled) and smelling of fresh sex. Magnificent!

I told him that he was GREAT! I told him that a woman's body should give him the joy he wants. He said that 'I did' do exactly that and that his woman was fantastic tonight and every day since we've been together. I knew then that I was really his and there could be no doubt about that. Funny, I had been looking at men's 'equipment' all my life but never imaged one as beautiful or glorious or a wonderful as his. When we finished all I could do as we laid side-by-side was place my hand on his face, stroke it and be thankful that he was such a wonderful lover. I knew that I would never be the same after that night because I would be saying 'yes' anytime he asked. We lived this way for almost two years, daily and nightly lovers ... it was indeed 'HEAVEN!' for me.

From then on I always felt the urge to kiss him and he reciprocated. I loved being with him, naked or clothed, and would always allow myself to to be enveloped by his strong black arms. Relishing the sight of him and the heat of his dark skinned chest pressing against my breasts. My first time was an eye opener for me finally feeling fulfilled. Knowing for years I was a woman and living it ... well and as much as possible. I never imagined that change could come along (short of SRS). This was a wonderful change as in my mind, body and soul ... I knew now that I was a woman! I knew that my life HAD been changed.

The thoughts that went through my mind! The instinctive automatic actions of my body submitting to him and moving in unison for our mutual pleasure. I was as I always knew who I was and forever would be.

Changed ... for the better!
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What a lovely...and hot story1 My "de-flowering" hapended several years ago but I do so remember it so fondly.

great story , very hot and intense, keep me hard the whole time i would read it

wow that was a great story and thanks for sharing !!

wonderful, thanks for sharing :)

changed, for the better … is that a reference to Wicked? :)

wow such a great story

What an absolutely fabulous story!!! And I'm so happy for you that you were able to find this connection and that he helped to Finally bring your woman into the light!! I would love to be your friend.

Nice story..........i like it

What a lovely story :-)

Wow! Tender and moving. Kwikfox

Yes Pix, you are so right. That was the secret and he wonderfully took me slowly and initiated me just the right way. even though this happened now almost 5 years ago ... he will always be on my mind and in my heart. we were together a bit more than two years after this night enjoying the wonders of love making.

Whew *Pix fans herself* Hot story Josie!! <br />
<br />
Anal sex is wonderful once one can relax those muscles and the pain subsides! I love feeling when my lovers c*ck pulsates as he unloads in my backside!! ;-)