My First Time .....

I was really horny one afternoon so I decided to cruise Craigslist and see if I could suck some **** maybe get mine sucked. I answered an ad of this guy that lived down the street from my office. PERFECT!!! I thought to myself. If we click it could be a regular thing. After a few emails he gives me his address and off I go.

I walk in and we exchange hellos and he immediately starts in at my **** rubbing it through my pants. We get closer and embrace into a deep kiss.
We get undressed and get on the bed, still kissing and groping. At this point he seems to get slightly more aggressive, which is fine with me. I love a little rough sex. He decides that he wants to start blowing me (which he was an expert at btw) and really getting into it. I am moaning, telling him "yeah suck my ****..mmmmyeah...feels so good!" Then he goes a little lower and pushes my legs up to gain access to my ***. He starts ******* me and I am over the moon. I can feel his tongue sliding in and out of me. It felt incredible! He then stops and tells me to roll over..NOW. Turned on by the aggression I obeyed and slowly rolled over to which he pushed me over quicker. 

Within an instant I feel him spread my cheeks open, shove his tongue in me for a few darts and then quickly moves up and is now on top of me. He whispers in my ear..."Ya know this big tattoo you have on your back, This is going to hurt a lot less.." confused I was like Huh?? what do you mean?" "Whats going to hurt" He wraps his arm around my neck and has me in a headlock and then I feel it...the head of his big uncut **** pushing against my *******.

I wriggled and moved but he had me pinned, he kept saying shhh..just take it it wont hurt once its in...I said, even stearnly, this isn't what I'm into, c'mon dude! Again, he said its ok, you'll like it and before I knew it with a sharp pain he was in and slamming away. 

He was right. After the first few minutes it was feeling really good. He kept ******* me for what felt like hours but was only about 20 minutes. I felt him take his **** out and *** all over my back. After it was over, he took me to his shower and actually washed me, and even my ***. I turned around and we kissed in the shower and then got out he gave me a towel and helped me dry off. I got dressed still quietly confused on what really just went down. 

right before I left he said "same time tomorrow?" I said "uhh....sure"

Lets just say the next day was Soooooo much better. 
41-45, M
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I hope he found some lube the next day.

Right on. Love how he took charge of your ***.

oh so much fun