One Of Our Best Experiences Yet!

As you know, if you read my first story, my boyfriend and I are extremely sexually active. Anyways, I always told my boyfriend that I absolutely will not try anal. He agreed and never tried to push the limits too much, even though he would frequently ask if we could try it. One day we were in his room and we were both were getting turned on. We started having ***. Of course we always use a condom with lube and I'm always extremely wet because I squirt, I decided I was wet enough to try anal. His **** slid right in and it felt sooo good! I never knew how good it would feel! If you never tried anal, you should try it! Just make sure 1) you have a condom on and 2) your extremely wet.

*****Is there any easy, possibly homemade, or cooking type of lube to use? Like baby oil or olive oil?
briannacramer13 briannacramer13
18-21, F
1 Response May 20, 2012

Those oils will break down the condom and not last long. Buy astroglide or something like that