Who Is Right And Who Is Wrong?

So I started talking to this girl. We have never met before. Well, it started off around noon today as a great conversation and I had high hopes for her. We were joking around and connecting really well. I met her online and surprisingly, she didn't live too far from me. I told her I was on the way home from a friends. I said that I was going to go home and get showered, then I was going to go run an errand and I said she can come if she would like, and she gladly agreed. I told her I would come pick her up.

I got home and was talking to her the entire time. I got a quick shower and texted her again. It was about 1:30 in the afternoon at this point and she said she was all ready. I wasn't sure exactly where she lived so I asked for her address. She said, "I'm not home right now. I went out with some friends. Text me later." I was kinda pissed because I felt like I was ditched at the last minute and my plans were completely ruined. I told her "Wow... thats kinda messed up." She didn't respond and I was still kinda irritated, so I followed it up with something like, "Im all dressed and ready to go and thought we had plans already and u just ditched me at the last minute for other friends. If thats the kind of person u r, I dont need those kind of people in my life."... or something like that; I don't remember exactly. Of course, my thinking was if it was an emergency or something like that, I would have completely understood, but I felt like she canceled plans with me just to make plans with someone better and didn't have the decency to apologize or anything. She just kinda threw it in my face and left me to deal with it. After I texted her for the second time, she responded with "Okay. Whatever you say." I then continued to express how this hurt. She told me she was sad and went to go look at her work schedule and then talk with a friend. I was a little more understanding, but the way she told me and handled the situation is what mostly irritated me. I told her how I feel like just an option to her and she said, "No! It's not like that at all!" I said, "Alrite. Im sorry I snapped." She said it was okay. She realized I was upset and told me to text her when I get back onto my side of town and we might be able to work out some plans still and I agreed and we were happy again.

I went to run my errand and we made small talk a little bit and I sent her a few silly pics to try to cheer her up. This was around 2:30 in the afternoon. I got done running my errand at 3 and asked her. I eventually ran out of silly pics so I sent her a normal one. She thought it was sexy and said, "Those cheer me up more than silly pics anyway." I asked her how much and he said, "Much more." Right after she said that, I climbed into my car to drive back to our side of town and asked her, "May I call?" All day she would respond within a few minutes so I waited about ten minutes and she was taking a little longer than normal. Eventually I just called... she didn't answer. I'm on my way back home, which is about a 20 minute drive and I'm getting a little worried I might relive what happened earlier. I let ten more minutes go by and texted her, "Im on the way back." She still didn't reply. I got back into our side of town about 3:30 and thirty minutes had passed since I heard anything from her. At this point I realized I was probably getting stood up again and started getting irritated. I gave her one last call and still no answer! At this point I was done. I texted her again and said, "Glad to know Im just a joke to u. Thanks for standing me up."

I went home angry that I was lead on all day by this girl. A little while later she texted me that she left her phone in the car. I said, "Im sorry, but can u please keep in mind that Im waiting to hear from u!" She didnt respond. From that point, she was very random and whenever I would try to express how I felt like I was just wasting my time, she would completely disregard it and talk about something else. I wanted her to know how I felt and for her to acknowledge it. Eventually, I told her to call me and she did. She made it seem like I was the bad guy. You could hear the irritation in my voice and she said, "Are you crying?" She said it with a smirk kind of tone, it was just really rude. She told me how she is very mature for her age and wants somebody like that. She eventually said she has to go and she will talk to me later and while I was in mid-sentence, she hung up on me. I haven't heard from her since. Was I right to be so irritated with her, or was she right? Why couldnt she have just told me how she felt intead of having me run around all day with high hopes? Please let me know! Thank you!
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All those happened in a day? Between meeting online to the first call took me one year.

I guess I just had a certain charm?

I've been in somewhat similar situations. But its kinda hard to say. Although it is understandable from your side. Its like they just want to mess with you because they have nothing better to do. And it can hurt when you fall from getting your hopes up.

Very true. Part of me feels like apologizing for maybe overreacting a little bit, but I feel like she isn't even worth it.

Hmm, she might not be worth it. But I would probably apologize for my actions anyway and leave it at that. So that way I could at least end it on somewhat of a good note.

But it really depends on what it is that you really want to do.