I Had Ana

In middle school when it started I gained some weight and started too feel really horrible about my self. My life was out of control my father was back to yelling and hitting again and I just needed something to control I guess. It started off harmless just "getting in shape" because I had recently got into track/XC no one suspected anything by me losing a few pounds. But it became an addiction I started counting calories having extra run in the morning anything I could do to lose the weight. My weight went from 106 to 83.5 in 7 weeks keep in mind I was 5'7" at the time. But no one seemed to notice or care it wasn't until i passed out in the middle of practice one day that someone made me see a doctor. I had have relapse since middle school but i've been good for a 1 year now and am going to stay that way but still to this day I can't own a scale or eat at a table or in front of people. I fear fat! Yet  I've come far from where i was and don't want to go Back I know I had a mild case too, which is what blows my mind how can this be affecting someone else who had it even worse than I did. 
Bethie101 Bethie101
18-21, F
Apr 2, 2011