Bella Thorne Obsession

It started out me hating her because she was so skinny and I was green with envy. But later on I became obsessed with Bella! I have posters of her on my wall, I am dieting to look like her, I dyed and cut my bangs, and I am gonna go buy clothes from the "Shake it up" collection from Target. I wanna be as thin as her so bad. Oh and she my username and password for everything and she is my screensaver and logo for everything. Yes... Werid. But I am anorexic and alot if anorexics have people they obsess with. Most ana's do anyway...
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She is my body goals.. She is a perfect red head

I made this 4 years ago. Now I'm 18 and I feel really awkward reading this again.. I'm so different now from everything I ever posted. I'm not jealous of her anymore. But thanks for the notification because it brought me back down memory lane!

I'm so happy to hear that <3 I'm almost 18 too

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Don't starve yourself to look like her hun♥ You're beautiful the way you are.

don't try to chase after bella's skinny figure... she has quite an emancipated body and is obviously anorexic herself. She probably got it from pressure of being the "ideal" body type working in media, but it isn't healthy to chase after her "beautiful" body when she's just starving herself to look like that. I suggest you find a new obsession! btw i mean no offense to the actress herself-i just feel bad for her.

Um, Bella Thorne is NOT anorexic! there are many girls who are naturally skinny! you shouldn't judge someone on their figure.

Sorry for calling u dumb u r not

U r so dumb for not believing in God if u dont repent sooner or later u are going to burn in hell i mean every one of us deserves to burn in hell. I can see y u dont believe sometimes wats in the bible is confusing but just ask God to open ur heart so u can learn more about him ! If he isnt real then how are u real ask ur self tht how are on this planet how did u get here ask urself tht and dont say cause of my mom and dad cause the answer is cause of God! Let me ask u do ur parents beleive in God cause if not then i see y u have no intrest in him God is ur savior he died on the cross for YOUR sins and the way u thank him is by saying he isnt real!! Let me ask u another question if someone put a gun to ur head and asked u do u beleive in God u would probably so no right? Cause then the person wont kill u if some one asked me the same question i would say yes i believe in God and probably they would shoot me but atl east i known i died for my savior! He is the all mighty! We are so un worthy but still God loves us for us! U r probably 18 right well i am 12 and i know all this stuff is true and u just got served by a 12 years old cause all this stuff is true i will just keep on praying for people like u who beleive and there whole world is ba<x>sed on lies and the people who are tempted by the devil not to believe those people are just like u they have no purpose in this world other than looking good and money and so many other stuff i mean i cannot lie i love looking good but tht is not my world! I know wat ur going threw wanting be skinny cause i do to and scince i am horrible at diets and stuff i decided not eating would help scince i did lose weight by not eating when i went to a different country and my friend lost weight by not eating too but then when i went to my christian camp and i learned this: (and this is my favorite verse ever!) Psalm 139:14-King James Version (KJV)14 I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well;Tht helps me now tht God loves us just the way we are but God does want us to be healthy but u can do tht in MANY ways and by the way: Ur beautiful and I love u!

? know all of you are hating or loving the fact you wanna be like Bella Thorne that's your opini
on ? mean yes Bella is skinny but she has her own reasons on the new episodes she's improving to be the awesome grown up and role model she can be ? love her and Zendaya and is you guys want to get the body first think it through and if you still wanted it go ahead get "the body" but supports is always with you yes people only want it because they see other girls with the body that every guys want but your unique in your own way just trust in yourself and let God shine your path

when I wqs eight I used. to be skinny as her now that I am 14 I'm glad I gained weight because being a skinny toothpick like her is unattractive and u will be picked on. i currently weigh 120 pounds and im average but close to thick. anoerxic people should try and gain weight becauuse u can die from being too skinny

I could care less about what people think, and if you know anything about eating disorders, you cannot just gain weight.

I have anorexia and still do. I'm 5'7.25" with scoliosis and I weighed 101 lbs. my heart was failing, brain, lungs, everything. Doctors will find out about all the weight, and they MAKE you gain it back. Through shots and tubes. Trust me, its better to just eat. No disrespect here only support and hope that you'll see what I mean. &lt;3 I was put into the hospital

See a psychiatrist

Thanks Doctor ;)

I respect your opinions on everything. Bella is so pretty and if you decided to set goals to get a body like hers, who am I to judge. I just wish you didnt starve yourself. Now I am not hating on or picking a fight, I just want to see you in a healthy state.
Im 15, 5"2 and I weigh 114. I run and excersice (when I stop eating :P) so I can get rid of my tummy before prom. Other than that Im ok with my body.
And people need to respect your religious beliefs also.
Of course if you ever need a someone, Im always here :)
Good luck with your goal weight and remember to stay healthy <3

Thank you! Someone finally gets it. Seriously, I cannot believe people have a problem with me just because I want to be skinny or do not believe in god. They act like I killed five children.

I think everyone gets that you wish to be skinny, its just that they hate to see a beautiful young girl with so much potential (sorry cant spell &gt;.&lt;) to starve herself when she could be happy AND healthy.
Remember there are always diets and the gym that can help you reach that goal weight. And also remember not to get TOO skinny or you'll become so fragle that you will start to bruise and break quicker. Plus your immune system will start to break down. Now I swear Im not trying to push you to anything, but if I can help someone feel better about herself without starving herself.
And I WILL give them all the benifet of the doubt when I say they just want you to be safe and healthy &lt;3

Eww you want to look like that. She too skinny she's beautiful in The face but she looks like when she dances her bones would snap zendaya is skinny and she s thicker than her. I love being thick all the boys like me. I'm popular. I look good I would never want to be as thin as her eww.

Yeah, like I care.

read the book Faded denim:color me trapped!!!! it's life changing!
btw If u say God isnt real, then honey who made u? where did this world come from?
GOD IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!
even though u don't think so, he made you & still loves you.
what's after your last heart beat? ,would you go burn in hell; or love, believe, & follow God then when u die, living in heaven?

Love & be Yourself!!!!:)

I'm not anorexic or cut my self.... And I just want to say don't do it just stop please

I don't have an eating disorder but I do cut and use to strave myself. Bella Thorne is reallly skinny and i am wondering if she is anorexia. all i can say is be yourself and start looking up to demi lovato:)

I don´t have anorexia, I don't even know you ... but don´t hurt yourself and remember that being healthy and being who you are makes you beautiful

Wtf is wrong with you??!

What is wrong with you

This happened to me... Worst thing that I ever did. And worst of all, it's still bottled up inside of me. The only thing I told my mom was that I was gaining weight (recovery) but I think she knew. I was always miserable in my anorexic days instead the bubbly person I used to be. She always said I was getting too thin and she encouraged me to eat a lot more... I finally realized it was bad and I had to pay for it. I gained all my weight back and a bit more. I'm working on losing it healthily now. Geez, I feel like I gave my whole life story! Just no one. Mo one fall into that trap. You're beautiful, just the way God made you... <3

god is not real. sorry, most likely he isn't

How dare you? If you can be atheist, others can believe. You're wanting people to respect you, then do the same or be called a fake yourself

I don't think that this is very healthy! You don't know how she got that small!!! She may actually not be healthy and you are trying to model after her. I think that you should just be yourself and let you own unique beauty shine through!!! :)

she is healthy now. she is 5'4" 1/2 and 100 lbs and is 14. btw, i am not jealous of her anymore!!!

she isn;'t anorexic!!!

Maybe not clinically but she is not healthy. By any standard.

You're exActly like me! Thats The same thing i do. And everyone on my phone's picture is bella thorne, so every time im texting someone i see her.

haha thats so cool:) i am not so much jealous of her anymore.

can you add me? I am obbessed with Ciara Bravo and China Anne McClain now

i love ciara bravo! i like her character on btr. shes so pretty! and i still love bella. she is so perfect.

Ciara Bravo is so skinny:( im jealous of her. she is 15 and is 5'1 and 70 lbs!!!!

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LOLOL. This article is completely stupid and full of BS. There's been rumors of Bella being anorexic however there are no actual clarification of them being true. Anorexia isn't something to be proud of It's very harmful. This was very idiotic of you to promote yourself into getting skinny just because somebody else is. Find your emo/dramatic self a new hobby and quit obsessing over crap that's not important. Seriously what are you 9? Sound completely illiterate. Just as obesity may seem unattractive so is being a freaking toothpick. If you can't be happy with yourself then you have major issues.

1. NEVER said she was anorexic.
2. im 15
3. Like you haver never been jealous of someone.
4. Don't comment if you hate my post. i posted this to find others like me. Go **** off

Haha, you guys are all idiots.

why did you comment then

You're complaining that you're 6 pounds heavier than a dumb twig? GAIN some weight! You're skinnier than an 11 year old girl?! You will have health problems from being that skinny!

ugh, my doctor says im healthy

So be ******* happy. You obviously posted this for attention, sure you might really be sick, but you're sick for all the wrong reasons. You clearly by the comments, think this makes you seem "cool" and it doesn't you sound immature and retarded as ****. Eating disorders are not something to go around and advertise. It's borderline creepy what measures you're going through to look like her, as in, stalker creepy. She'd think so too.

Yeah get the **** off my page dumbass.

Study, read, and give up thinking stupid things! Be freeeee, my friend! Who cares about the others! Enjoy life!


holy cow this almost has 3000 views!?!

You can defend her all you want, but let me tell you something. Bella Thorne might be your new role model, but God made you the way you are. Not everyone wants to look like someone else. They want to BE like them because of inspirational things they do. Looking TO them is one thing, but if she's causing to to be anorexic, forget it.

God is fake. :)

and she didnt caus emy anorexia, i was sick way before i knew she exsisted so if your gonna be a *** stop posting


You can defend her all you want, but let me tell you something. Bella Thorne might be your new role model, but God made you the way you are. Not everyone wants to look like someone else. They want to BE like them because of inspirational things they do. Looking TO them is one thing, but if she's causing to to be anorexic, forget it.

I think she is way too skinny. SHE ISN't HEALTHY!!! People make it seem like you should look like them, but you shouldn't. She may seem healthy, but she isn't!!! I love her and I think she is beautiful, but even on Shake it Up people make fun of how thin she is. DON'T TRY AND ACT LIKE HER!!!

She is 5'4 and 95 lbs.. That's not that thin..

she is 5'1 and yes that's tiny!!!! Get your story and facts right 1st you say she is 5'3 85lb now she is 5'4 and 95lb!!!! You seriously need Jesus and need a life!!!!! Ima sure your some ugly fat girl with no friends and life and you live off television imaging things you think you can do!!!!!!! Realize the realistic and make better goals for yourself in your life then being someones fatal attractions

that is so dumb why dont u just be happy the way god made u!!! >.a,

Everyone wishes they were like someone else so quit being Hippocratic!

not everyone.

yeah sure...

btw this was awhile ago im not even jealous of her anymore

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