Is There Something Wrong?

I hate food, i hate eating, and i hate my weight.

I skip meals so often, I only drink dr. pepper sometimes for whole days.

my sister had it, that's all I know. She takes medications now, and I'm afraid to take vitamins because i think they'll make me gain weight.

it's so hard to admit my weight to anyone, so if you really want to know, ask me here. I won't say it out loud or if nobody cares.

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18-21, F
4 Responses Aug 10, 2007

It does sound you have anorexia. I have it and i know what's it like to have an intense fear of gaining weight. I didn't want to take vitamins either for the same reason as you. Just so you know vitamins are things that already exist in our body for example; calcium already exists but people just take it to keep them healthy and strong. this goes for all other vitamins. I suggest you talk to a professional that can really diagnose you. Take care and control the disorder before it controls you!

i hate food, eating and my weight too. i have been like this for a year now and have cried my eyes out lying on the bathroom floor because i only lost 1kg that day. what do you weigh and how old are you? <br />
i think it's really brave that your willing to say it. my weight is my biggest secret

well, i'm not too sure about how i feel about food but i do know that i dont like my weight but i've only stopped eating properly over the past couple of weeks.<br />
<br />
i dont think i'm an anorexic but i dont want to become anorexic any ideas?

hey, i know what your going through,<br />
i do the same, though i don't know anyone personally that has anorexia.<br />
i have lost a stone and four puonds, and plan on loosing another,<br />
if you would like to chat, im free :)