I Have Anorexia

I have anorexia.  I'm 15 and I have delt with anorexia and bulimia nervosa for two years now.  I'm fasting right now for six days.  I haven't ever been treated or diganosed as either.  But, I think my theripest wants to diganose me but I keep makeing excuses.  I'm pretty good at that...lol  But, anyway, I want to get help but I am too afraid to ask anyone.  At the same time I want to continue to lose weight and not get help.  I really don't know what else to do really.


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I can't tell you to get help and stop being silent, but I would keep doing what you're doing. So whatever you decide to do is perfectly okay.

I assume you already know that this is an emotionally driven disorder, so let me ask you where did this all start for you? Who said what to you to start you down this road? Most of the people I help with this disorder can point to the exact moment in their life where that shift took place. If you want to get rid of that and have your life back, lets talk!<br />
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im in the same position as you. i am soon to turn 16 and am anorexic and bullemic. i collapse daily yet still want to be that thin. i try so so hard. im great with excuses too :P<br />
your not alone

you should get help as soon as posible, the longer you wait the harder it is to get out of it. ACT NOW don't wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, I have this sick weird obsession with wanting to have an eating disorder. Your profile keeps popping up where I look. It might be a sign. But anyways, I am an enormous beast and I would love to be bone showing skinny. But I don't have the dedication. I want to be messed up. Right now I'm a manic depressive and I'm thinking that plays into it.

hey again lol<br />
aww dont worry<br />
ur not alone<br />
there are so many people who want to loose weight you know? but you shouldnt starve you're self hun and you should get help. talk to sum1 you trust ok and well bb xo :)

Hi. I can relate to yuu, i wannabe like Nicole Richie skinny, but the most i can fast for is two days. If yuu wanna talk, add me on msn: klallexander@hotmail.com<br />
Ive been looking for a person i can truly relate to on this subject :]