My Battle

i guess it started when i was about 11. i remember going into a wedding store to get a bridesmaid dress for my uncle Bryan's wedding. i remember standing in the dressing room, having the lady try to squeeze me into the beautiful satiny pink strapless gown. i was excited, until i heard the words that changed my life forever.

"honey, you're not going to fit in a size 8. i'm going to have to get a bigger size"

at that moment i realized i was chubby, i was 11 years old, 4 foot 10, and weighed over 170 pounds. i was a monster. i soon began dieting and joined a karate class, things were looking up until 7th grade hit.

my family had lectured me about my weight for years, but when this happened, it all changed

i was in gym class, wearing a gold t-shirt with a bulldog on the front, and maroon sweatpantsust my normal gym uniform. until my friend jokingly pulled my shirt over my stomach and poked my fat, laughing as my stomach jiggled. she didn't mean harm, but she caused more than anyone else.

my entire family weighed 300 pounds, i needed to be the one to be different, to be pretty.


soon enough, i saw the numbers on the scale get lower. 100...95......85.....75.......65.and i wanted to be thinner.

i had a goal to squeeze myself into childrens size 12 or 10 jeans. but i was barely making a 14 slim. i was obsessed


eventually, almost 15 years old and 5'5, 65 pounds, i came across a website that showed me what could happen to me i snapped out of it instantly


i am now 16, and recovered. i still get the urge or thought to starve, but i haven't for a year and a half now

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Im so glad to hear that you got much better after recovery. I was recovered too but Im not so happy with my body right now. I dont starve anymore but very fussy about the foods intake. I was dangerous thin but not anymore and I miss that time so much. I miss my fragile body and need to get it back again.