Childhood Premonition

When I was maybe about 12 years old I had a very strange dream, I lived in an appartment building on the 12th floor at the time.In my dream I was in my room and felt the need to walk out onto my balcony. When I looked over I seen my 6 year old sister hanging off the balcony and crying out for me to pull her up. I reached down and grabbed her arms and before I pulled her to safety my dream had 'reset' and there I was in my room again walking out to the balcony only this time when I looked over it wasnt my sister anymore it was some one else. Before I could grab them and try to pull them up they let go and fell down into the parking lot, obviously they had died and thats where my dream ended when I woke up I shook it off as just a strange dream and went to school like I normally did. When I got home my mom was on the computer on the news website, she then told me that she wanted the door to the balcony locked from now on, when I asked her why she told me that a boy who was my age had fallen off his balcony that morning and died. I didnt know what to think at first and since then I have been having frequent accounts of Deja veu sometimes I will dream something and it will happen the next day, I dont know if its some sort of premonition but I have been looking it up trying to determine if I can some how dream about whats going to happen I havnt really had a serious dream like that since then where someone has died so I am not sure what it is but I really hope that I find out soon.
Joasaur Joasaur
May 7, 2012