My Anel Sex Story

I was twelve years old at the time it happened. a friend at school asked me to stay over night with him at his house , a sleepover wow my first one.  His parents were going out for a while and we were old enough to look after ourselves.   he showed me his bedroom, he had the biggest bed i have had ever seen.   I asked him where do i sleep,  he said here with me.  this was the first time i slept with another boy in the same bed.  It was time to go to bed as his parents returned home.  

I got changed into my pjs and he just wore his boxers, he said to me why don't you do the same as he did ,so i ******** down to my shorts and climbed into bed with him.  after the lights went out and his parents went to bed we had our first puberty talk, about erections and wet dreams and other things that happened to boys at that age. then he asked me if i ever ***********  and i said yes i did.

he asked me if he could **********  me,  I was kinda shocked at first as i knew boys wanked  themselves but i never heard of boys doing other boys so i said yes. his hand moved towards my shorts and onto my penis.    i was getting a feeling that i had never really felt before i was trembling with joy and happiness as my penis was tingling with each stroke and as my head was popping out of my foreskin a small grin was turning to a large smile on my face as i was getting close to my eventful ending then i came and shot a load that i have never felt before.

After i had unloaded my boy *** and had cleaned  me up he asked me to do the same to him so i did and i stroked him until he was breathing like a wild child and unloaded 4 ropes of his boyhood all over us, It was the first time i touched a cut penis and a first seeing another boy shoot his load i was in a new world with this boy.

the next surprise for me was a head job, at that age i didn't know what he was talking about so he said to me to lay on my back so did and i felt him moving towards my penis.  I was starting to get another erection as he started to lower his hot mouth on to the head of my penis i moaned for a bit then he went lower down on me until his face reached my pubes and as he was doing this i was feeling like wow this is not happening to me and this is what you call a head job.  i tried to *** but i was a little low on the white stuff but i did have a feeling that i *** in his mouth.  The feeling i had when my foreskin moved down and up felt better than i had when he pulled me off.   Then it was my turn to pleasure him I waited until he laid down on the bed and i moved towards his penis, I could hear him starting to moan as i lowered my mouth on to his ****,  he went rock hard on me  i don't know how long i could do this as it was my fist time giving head.  as we were only 12 years old we could only last for a few min at a time but he did let go of some *** in my mouth and  then we rested for a while.   He asked me how i liked it so far and i said that it was great all these new experiences i had done..

 After what i thought was a few hours  of sleep He woke me up and said to me "do you want to try something new" so  then he  asked me to lay on my side my back towards him, then i felt my shorts being pulled down i didn't know what to do so i let him continue.   There upon he placed his fingers onto my butt hole and started to lube me up with what he called precum and asked if i was ready to have some more fun .

 He put his penis inside me slowly  moving in and out as i felt his head hit my special spot and as he was doing this he moved my foreskin and pressed hard to get me to move faster pushing my backside against his penis and i don't know how long it was but i was in his spell.

I  have never felt anything like that before ,he moved his penis inside me and i could feel his head rubbing inside of me slowly moving in and out as he entered my love tunnel then he did a little moan and went at a faster stroke  and i knew that  he had *** in me.   in return i did the same for him. i moved on top of him and began to lube up him with what precum that was coming out of me  and placed my penis inside of him and he started to moan a bit as i was doing the same,  i felt my foreskin move back and forth and as i was doing  he said to pump faster so i did and it didn't take long to shoot my load  we ended with a long and delighted kiss.  .

we slept like babies until his parents woke us up to have breakfast before we went down he gave me a kiss and said any time you want to stay over just call me .  my penis jumped up in no time and we had a quick tug off and ended up kissing our boyhoods one more time.

  i can not tell you how i felt, but it was the first and best sleepover i have ever had.         ### please let me know that you enjoyed this story by leaving a comment or by leaving a story so that i can see that you went through this too. as i will have more stories to tell.###

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Very wonderful story...

Yup, some of us did miss out on getting ourselves involved with others in one way or
another and a few exciled in enjoying their time with special friends. I don't know if kids today get into things we did at their age today.

Great experience......thanks for sharing it with us.....As a child I never was able to participate in sleepovers cause of a bed string problem. Again, thanks

Great story my parents never yet us have or go to any sleep overs I guess I missed out on alot. Sounds like you injoyed some great childhood fun I hope y'all are still friends today.

Sometimes I think I;m gay and other times I.m not but when I was a teen yes I was gay, aged 8 to 13 I was into boys my own age, was that gay or was that just a feeling I had when I liked boys and seeing them nude and exploring their bodies and they would explore mine don't know if that was a gay thing.<br />
<br />
cut boys would love to see my foreskin and how it worked and at times I would let them try it out, pull the skin back, and I would enjoy the feelings I got but was that a gay thought as I got erect when they touched me. AT that age I didn't know or care it was that feeling when another boy touched your penis and electric pulses shot through your body. My friends felt the same when I touched their penis but<br />
no one ever thought it was gay to do that, so that is my answer to if I am gay or not.

Are you gay by any chance iam not homoponic just wondering anyway lOve the story

it felt weird the first time i did it but after that i could not get enough of it,, i realy know that boys feel better geting sex from another boy as he knows how to pleasure them and knows how to feel up his manhood.

thanks all for reading my experiences as this was great to let it all out

thanks all for reading my experiences as this was great to let it all out

great story I truly loved it. take Care Samantha

i had an experience almost exactly like that except for before he blew me we just humped and kissed.

no have not had a couple do me just boys that were my age and type

have you read any of my other stories as they will entertain you just like this one did.

wonderful story ;)

thanks for leaving a comment about my story, yes some older guys can give you pleasure but you have to watch out as well.

Great story....