Sleep Over Sex

I was thirteen and was staying overnight at my friends house.We were undressing for bed and ******** right down to put our pyjama pants on and I lookdover myshoulder and saw him looking at my bare bottom.This sortof excited me so I took my time getting my pants on and he said when his little bro was checked for appendicitus the doctor put his finger up his bros bottom. we got dressed and said goodnight to his parents and got into bed.  A little while later I felt his hand onmy bottom and he said that tomorrow his mum would be away for a while and we could have some special fun. The next day we were home alone and he talked about what happened to his brother again and asked if we could do it to each other to see what it felt like. I spread his cheeks and after putting some vaseline on my finger pushed it inside his bottom .

He got very hard and then it was my turn and I felt  him part my cheeks and insert his finger. Then he said he couldmakemefeel even better and he pushed his penis into my bottom. Thiswas the first time I had a boy do that.



westy012000 westy012000
1 Response Aug 19, 2009

Well don't be bashful how was it and did you enjoy it?

It hurt a bit but at same time was a new and exciting feeling