Just Last Night

just last night i had a sleepover with a friend. We were watching some naughty tv when he asked me if i ever ***********. i said sure of course i do. So we both pulled out or dicks and srted to **********. I started to get horny so i went to sit my him and i started to ********** him. Then i gave him head. We both were giving eachother head in his casida at his house. The he asked me if i could give him anal. I said yes. so i found some vasiline and rubbed it ll over then inside of his butt. Then i gave him anal. it felt so good. After that today he came over and we did it again. we will be good sex buddies

sexaddictyummy sexaddictyummy
18-21, M
4 Responses Sep 20, 2009

omg xD


when i first tried something like this is was 8

how old were you when you first did it