Chiari And Bipolar

My name is Chilo. I was dx with Chiari & Syringomyelia in 1994. I've had the surgeries, done the whole gammit of everything we can think of. I even went as far as to have two neuralstimulators implanted for pain mgt. About a yr ago I was dx with Bipolar. Now I"ve done quite a bit of research on bipolar disorder and while alot of the symptoms sound like what I experience, I also know, from asking family members, that i"ve had these traits my whole life. So I'm wondering if its really bipolar or the Chiari. Does anyone have any clkue as to an answer to this or know of any websites I can go to or articles I can read about this?
Thanks for your time
chilowalters chilowalters
Sep 25, 2012