That Malicious Teacher

Once again, it suddenly happened. Why does he keep doing that??
One of my teacher, lets just say has an unacceptable sexual behavior. In class. he always talk things about or that related to sex. Am I irritated?? can't you tell with this face?? of course ? I am. First of all ?I came to school to learn about the useful things and use it to be professional someday, not to hear things or story with malice.

Lots of student are noticing his malicious talk and wanted him to be gone. . . . . . . in school.
But unfortunately, no one dares.
The reason ??I do not know. But I think I should do something, be doing something to stop this. But what??

I need back up, support and a team to have a voice. A voice that could be heard by students, teachers and parents.

We need to have a plan, the perfect one.

I hope someday, somehow.......someone will stand and fight for what is right, to get that teacher away from school, and not to have the will to teach again.

Who am I referring to?? Who else??...No one else but that malicious teacher.....

loganick loganick
18-21, M
May 21, 2012