You Are Beneath Me

You thought you could do some power play;
You thought my mind was weak enough to think you are some God with powers over me;
You wanted me to fear you to be controlled by your uneducated nature so lay;
You wanted me to be trapped by your reverse psychology cursing hanging over me.

But you know what I lifted the curse when I opened my eyes to see;
You know why or what I saw?
I saw you for what you really are - a helpless slime ball with a clawless paw;
Like a man having only one ball a crippled manhood with a small pee pee.

What a coward you truly are telling lies wherever you go;
Lying to yourself and others thinking you are funny deceiving and corrupting wherever you go!
What is the most pathetic is that you actually believe your lies as Truth because you are so desperate;
To escape your true WEAK and POWERLESS nature that turns on itself making you look like clown being your own worst enemy to berate.

It is when your true nature finally shone through all the rubbish pretending of being this goody two shoes twinky rat;
It is then when your COVER was blown and when that fake persona turned on itself showing you to be a ridiculous litte ****.

You deserve no respect;
You are fraudulent criminal suspect!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

hello again. come play with my monster and we will see who doth win...

Beware my MONSTER may be bigger and wiser than yours!!!!!!