People who are NOT self-aware are NOT teachers;
Because they do not know themselves how could they ever know another
or at least try to help another solve their problems if they cannot even figure out their own s/h/i/t?

They are NOT enlightened because they are on self-destructive paths;
They do NOT seek healing; peace or real Love of any kind;
They do NOT love themselves if they keep on walking the BROAD road of death aka self-destruction.

They are just clowns running around trying to pretend to be all knowledgeable and wise;
While in reality they are as clueless as a monkeys who cannot peel bananas...
And that my friends is a stupid monkey; a rare MONKEY going against the laws of NATURE.

It is NOT natural to think you are something special when you are an idiot;
It is NOT healthy trying to make yourself believe you can help others just to escape your own troubles you cannot solve
Because you are just too DUMB to look at yourself always thinking you are better than others.

You are NOT a spiritual teacher when you are ruled by EGO making you believe you are seperate or different from others;
Perfect and soooo Divine when your arse stinks like the rest of humanity;
You see it is NOT natural NOT knowing your arse as a stinking WIFT like your fellow man.

It is therefore NOT natural to not see yourself as another;
To not be able to acknowledge you have the same character flaws as others;
It is NOT natural and hence farking CRAzY to think you are some gift sent from god to save others when you are barely holding on yourself.

It is NOT natural to think you are some saviour when you are sooo god damn lost having all your bearings in haywire;
It is NOT natural to think you are here to be worshipped by other people as some god when you are just human too;
I think you have gone bananas going crazy over not being able to open it...

Because you cannot crack any code of life or another;
If you lack the ability to see and know yourself above all;
See you think you know all before knowing yourself which is the very root of your idiocy!!!!

Stupid superficial monkey;
At least real monkeys in nature are smarter than you.


you are a f/u/cking joke!!!! Ha ha ha
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response May 21, 2012

I KNOW this you are an enigma to me....I would like to meet you on life's NARROW road and stop to have a cup of joe...