This Could Account For My Devolopmental Delays..

my mom just told me the other day..i had bleeding in my brain when i was little,when i was first born my bones were so brittle from being small,the one side of my head was caved in alittle.from coming out of the birth cannal,like how a baby has soft spots mine i guess caved in..this may account for why i have ADD and all these other not really capable of taking care of myslef as good as other people.but i COULD get it done..well anyways...finally my mom told me this..i never knew this before ..and i dont know all the details..does this mean a part of my brain just cant work??? or process things?? i know i just dont understand things like other people my own age...what does this mean?? :$

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well yes it can go both just o diferent then othe 24 r olds...i dont have to be..but there are som things i could NEVER do on my own....for instance any budgeting....i mean if i ever got marreid or something(i doubt it) i could never pay the bills myself...i woudnt even know what to do...i have NO idea how to pay my taxes...wellguess thetaxes is a alot of people really know? and all this makes my chances of ever having a long lasting relationship just not like other people...a fewhave said im not mature...that maybe im making excuses....but if theres somthing mentally wrong in my brain now...purhaps even if i tried it just would never happen..ive always felt like it was just vertually impossible for me..

i'm in the same boat... kinda. i have some mental "disablilties" but to be honest, they're actually an advantage most of the time :)

i'll maybe ask my mom for more details about this..but ide rather get input from people on here about it...if there is anyone who knows about the functions of the brain and all..i could give you history of what i have been like and all..i DO have a history of being different then other people..and i think the people who i have had relationships with in the past have known this..that i was just different then other people my own age..and thus probably why nothing long lasting happens..i never see how i can really have a "long lasting relationship".atleast i have REALLY doubted it just cuz of the way i am...the way i am in my brain..the way i feel mentaly..even if i "tried" it would never be 100 percent like other people, i will always fall short...<br />
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