I Want A Reduction, But Don't Know If I Can.

I am planning on having it, I just don't know when. I doubt my insurance will pay for it as it says right in the booklet cosmetic surgery including breast reduction is excluded (doesn't even say if medically necessary) A few years ago I went to the to see how much it would be and because of my size (48h) it would be a 5 hour surgery and around 8 grand. I don't even make that in a year so I doubt I can come up with the money. My credit is bad so I know a loan won't work either.


I am just sick of the stares and the constant back pain, not being able to find clothes that fit me and having to pay 50 a bra which is another thing I can't afford and normally have my mother buy them for me for birthday and Xmas.

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3 Responses Nov 18, 2009

I has BRS in 2006, it took a while to get insurance to cover it. But it was covered and I had the surgery, it was about a 3 1/2 procedure for me. But that most certainly shouldn't be considered cosmetic because of your size. Good luck! :-)

Sucks that you had a disting breast reduction. Yuck

Find another doctor! I went to a plastic and reconstructive surgeon and I was told that breast reductions are not cosmetic procedures but reconstructive. My insurance is covering my surgery 100% and I am the same size as you. Even if you have medicaid, if its dibilitating it should still be covered. Keep pushing, if the doctors find out you are really having that much trouble someone has to listen. Talk to your primary care provider for a referral to a board certified plastic surgeon. Good Luck Sweetie!

Can you at least get a consultation with the doctors? If they can figure out how to get your insurance to pay for it they will. I had it when I was 14 and don't regret it. Your mom would HAVE to be able to care for you, though, afterward and you wouldn't be able to work for a while.<br />
You don't make $8,000 a year? You must be a student?<br />
This surgery is a life changer so if it's worth it to you, you will find a way. Work like a mad woman for a year then have it done. :-)