I was diagnosed with cervical cancer June 2014 by the time July was over I had a radical hysterectomy to remove everything excerpt my ovaries which were moved up in case I needed radiotherapy. It's been a really tough year... I forced myself back to work early because I was bored and skint. I've never really recovered. It was discovered that one of my ovaries was twisted after the surgery so there has been talk of removing this because sometimes the pain is intolerable, this has been the cause of many ultra scans and ever CT scans, they've since discovered a Tumour the size of a thumb in the neck of the vagina. After a biopsy under a general it has been found to be cancer again. I start chemo on Tuesday this week and radiotherapy for 7 weeks external and 3 weeks internal.

I would just like to add that I have been taking a home remedy of Aloe Vera, Natural Honey and a drop of rum all blended together, take this three times a day for 10 days then 10 days off and repeat until cancer is gone. At my examination the tumour was the size of a thumb but was halfed for the biopsy, my last pet scan shown no cancer cells!

I still have to have the treatment because it was originally detected but YAY to the green gunk! It obviously works!!
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Yay for the green gunk.. also incorporate Frankincense essential oil. Just curious how you are doing now? My surgery is scheduled August 12.

Hi GranolaChick, first of let me wish you luck with your surgery in August, you must be going through hell at the moment and I really symphaise with you but know all will be okay. stay strong, stay positive and even in your lowest moments when you feel you can't go on like this anymore find strength in yourself and your loved ones and make yourself the promise of one more day... Everyday. It's incredible what the human body and soul is capable of enduring.

I won't lie to you, my treatment was horrendous. I have never felt so ill in my whole life. The radiation wasn't too bad but I had a few nasty side effects in my bowels which resulted in hemiriods from hell 😱 but the nurses and the doctors did everything they could to help me and I am so grateful to them. I cried at every chemo session because of the poison they were pumping in to me and all the fluid! Man the fluid was the worse! I would sludge around for two days afterwards and would be peeing like a race horse. The chemo also gave me migraines and just wiped me out. I couldn't tolerate noise and couldn't even read as I felt concussed all the time. The chemo I had was called cisplaten (can't spell it sorry) which attacks the nervous system and makes radiotherapy more successful and also no hair loss so phew.
Nearly a year on and I'm doing fine! I got the all clear In March and I'm due my next MRI in September. I am back to work full time and pretty much just picked up where I left off. I suffer with a lot of anxiety now and every pain I get I instantly think it's cancer again but I'm sure this will eventually settle down. I'm looking forward to every new day and I'm enjoying (well trying to) seeing my kids grow. I've made a promise to myself that I will take the green gunk for ten days every year and even my friends and family are doing it. Positivity is a powerful tool and so many people are going to tell you to stay strong and think positive and there will be times when you want to tell them to do one and have your moments of self pity and doubt and that's okay too, have your moments but remember to give yourself a mental slap afterwards and just get on with it! Good luck, please let me know how you get on Xxx

Wow! I am so glad to hear you're doing a natural remedy. I believe that chemo etc make cancer or at least the suffering from it worse. If I end up with cancer I won't even let them take a biopsy, cuz that has been known to spread it. I would just laugh more, take whatever natural supplements I can (aloe, honey, and rum sounds good) and live it outta me. :) or die happy knowing that I lived.
Congratulations. Best of health to you!

Opps it was June 13 not 14!