Will Life Be the Same When Its Over?

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, adenocarcinoma, 7 weeks ago. I had a radical hysterectomy 4 days later. It all happened so fast. Im 34 years old and have 2 children. My treatment of chemo and radiation start tomorrow and Im ******** myself! Im worried about the side affects. Cant wait to its all over so I can get back to normal but somehow I dont think my life will ever be normal the perfect way it was before. I have a horrible scar from my belly button to just past my pubic bone. I cant stand to look at it, there goes my bikini body, I used to love summer. I still cry daily, maybe its because of the instant menopause - bonus. Id love to hear from anyone who got through it all ok. Will life ever be the same? 

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5 Responses Aug 16, 2009

Hello, how are you now? My mother was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma, next week she will begin more checking. Is it beatable? Please help!!!

u will b fine i had chemo radio and internal radio too !! the only down side is the terrible hot flushes u get cos of the instant menapause lol i dont take anything for it but it is so hard being hot all the time put your chin up u will b fine good luck with everything ! x

I to had chemo and radiation. it will go fast as long as u do ok with the chemo. My first week was bad after that it was ok. My chemo and radiation ended on april 15th 2010 <br />

be strong! we are praying for you!<br />
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It does happen pretty quickly doesn't it. It was like a week between diagnosis and operation for me but I did not have to undergo radiation and chemo so don't know what to tell you about that. Your life will be different, you'll have different challenges to face but you can overcome them.<br />
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My cut got infected so my scar did not heal well, my onco obgyn wants to recut and do it over but its been three years and now I don't mind it and have shown my belly. Its mine, I love it.<br />
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Take care, just take one day at a time and be happy that you have life and that your babies have a mommy.