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Considering Circumcision

Hello everyone

I am considering getting circumcised for non-medical reasons and would like people to post their experiences of the whole process.

What made you decide to get cut? how nervous were you getting examined and going to get cut? how did you find someone to do it? are you pleased with the results?

can you also let me know what country you are from as well, i'm in the uk and aged 26

drewho drewho 26-30 7 Responses Apr 22, 2011

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I was circumcised as an infant, and have regretted it as an adult. I would think twice about it prior to procedure.

I had cut done at 33 in the USA. Loving it ever since.

i had my circumcision at the age of 40 under local anasthetic.have never regretted it.was a great experience and did not have any negative influence on my sex life.go for it

I say "just do it". Being circumcised is great!

My Circumcision Experience<br />
 <br />
<br />
Ever since I’ve heard of the word ‘circumcision’ at the age of 10 years old, I’m starting to wonder what the hell is that. My Malay friend told me that it was just a cut off your penis foreskin for their culture but not so common for the Chinese. I remembered my foreskin was not long which covered half of my whole glans and able to pull back without pain. My glans was exposed during an erection.<br />
<br />
As I live in a conservative family background, circumcision will never been discussed. Therefore, this circumcision thing has slipped out of my mind as times gone by.<br />
<br />
At about the age of 24, I’m still serving NS then where you are spoon fed, nothing to do, etc. ‘Circumcision’ came back to my mind when I was looking at my penis while bathing. I went to Internet to do some researches about it and give it a thought. Finally, I decided to do it, as I wanted to have a new smooth, tight foreskin and expose glans, which I feel so erotic when I’m imagined it.<br />
<br />
At about early Oct 2000, I went to SGH Urological Department to have my very first consultation through my medical officer recommendation. Initially, the male doctor told me that my foreskin is normal but I told him that  I insisted to have circumcision done. He then reply ok and will fix a date for me. I also told him I want to have tight foreskin and have my frenulum removed so that it won’t pull my glans during erection.<br />
<br />
Actual day on mid of Oct 2000, I have my penis circumcised. It was a half day surgery (under anesthesia). It was subsidized although it cost $400 plus. I was lying on a bed with my lower part of my body naked. I looked down and saw my penis was bandaged.<br />
<br />
It took 14 days to heal. 1st 7 days will be quite painful unless you wear loose shorts. My glans was swollen which worry me that I thought I got an infection. So I went to Polyclinic to have my penis a check up. Fortunately, the doctor said it’s normal and sent me to a nurse for some dressing to be done.<br />
<br />
It’s my 1st time for my penis totally exposed to a female. I tried my best to look at the ceiling, trying to distract myself. But I failed. When the nurse touch my penis when changing my dressing. My penis gave its full salute to her. I felt tightness and pain as if the suture line is tearing off. The nurse just smile and whispered to me that my **** is thick and reasonably long.<br />
<br />
To all guys out there to have an erection in the morning considerably normal but not me. I still have the sutures around the cut-scar. I can feel  that my foreskin was pulling away from my glans without using my hands. I felt so eroctic except the pressure around the cut-scar.<br />
<br />
All the sutures had dissolved after 14 days…..for the first time I’m able to take a good look at my new penis. My foreskin feel so smooth and less sensitive cos most of my inner foreskin was cut off. I’m very proud of my exposed glans. My penis measured 6.5 inches long and 1.5 inches thick.<br />
<br />
My girlfriend love my penis especially my exposed glans which she can’t resist to blow my tool. She has described my penis smooth to touch and clean at all time.

A woman's s*xual pleasure is dramatically reduced when a man has pen!s reduction surgery (circumcision). To learn how very different intercourse is when the man is cut versus natural, I highly recommend this amazing website:

I do not advise it.If you have phimosis that can be solved with stretching.The loss of the foreskin removes sensitivity and turns the glans, which is meant to be an internal organ, into an external one. I am from UK and was circumcised as an infant and have hated it ever since