I Was Circumcised At 50

My foreskin was always tight and I pleaded phimosis and got cirmcumcised at the age of 50 at a hospital in Hong Kong, I shaved off my pubes before going and took out my Prince Albert piercing. The instant I woke up it was great. They use disolving stitches and they are delightfully itchy. After a few weeks yoy can do bare glans wanking, whitch is great. There is of course no limit to the size of your glans piercings which is fabulous.
My next ambition is SUBINCISION
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1 Response Dec 7, 2012

I had it done at 42 because of phimosis as well.
Although everything is fine now i am still not sure i did the right thing, i miss my foreskin, even though it was very tight.