My Foreskin And Circumcision As A Child

My story
My first foreskin memories come from an interaction with a babysitter. I didn't mind she had a pool lol. There was about four or five boys total and one or two girls. We would swim everyday and all the boys would change in the dining room and girls in the bathroom. After swimming we would all take a nap. Every day before the nap everyone would have to go to the potty. As young boys we would just go in and surround the toilet. I was about four at the time. And had a problem wetting the bed on occasion. I remember going in to use the potty and coming out and saying that I didn't have to go. Sarah the babysitter told me that I had to go back in and go. I protested still that I didn't have to, this time she stood up and we went into the bathroom with the other boys and she told me to pull my skin back like the other boys and to go. I had never notice but all the other boys where different. They were all circumcised. And I had never pulled my skin back before. So when she said this I looked at the other boys to see what she meant but obviously that was no use. In my hesitation I guess she thought she should take charge. She placed me between her legs and started to retract my foreskin. My foreskin was still tight and attached to the head. It hurt but only from the pressure. Once the opening stretched enough to allow my head to start to pass through she got another grip and slowing began to peel it back and off the head. By now it was just me and her at the potty. She continued adjusting her grip and peeling it back until it was to the back of the head but not over the crown. We stood there a few minutes until I peed and then I was off to my nap. This new and exciting fact of retracting my foreskin lead to many other instances.
Growing up my father worked a lot and had the opposite schedule. So no one ever taught me about foreskin. Once I found out about foreskin and circumcision. I still didn't know that my foreskin should retract I thought for a long time even after what happened at the babysitters that it wasn't suppose to do that. lol. I just didn't know. I left it alone and never retracted it. Later I had phimosis. But about the age of 12 I started to slowly stretch the opening by doing what I remember happening that day at the babysitters. I did this in secret still not knowing it was ok. I was able to pull it back to the crown now and after some work I got the grown and foreskin separated from each other. It was about this time. That I remember going to a normal physical for sports, that when at the doctor the doctor mentioned a word I knew. She asked my mom if she ever considered circumcision for me as she then retracted my foreskin. My mother answered and conversation continued on. She suggested that I pull it back all the way and clean when bathing. It was about this time that I began to sexual enjoying myself. Life continued on and about two years later while at another physical at the same office but with another doctor, again the lady retracted my foreskin and began to discuss circumcision. This time she had my mother come over from her chair and stand next to the table where I was laying to inspect my foreskin. As my mother was standing there she pulled the foreskin foreword and showed that I had pinkish skin that punched together in front. She then retracted it all the way back and pulled it taut, suggesting what it could look like if I were circumcised. My mother said that she was for circumcision at the first visit but nothing ever came of it. The doctor returned my foreskin and then retrieved paperwork from the other room discussing circumcision.
My mother asked me on the ride home what I thought about the idea I had read the papers or thought much about the subject. So I replied king of sheepishly that I didn’t care. While at home a week later I was watching TV. when my mother called me into the kitchen. Where my mom, two aunts, grandma, and one older cousin were sitting. Apparently discussing the topic, my mom told me to show my penis. Being twelve I didn’t want to show it to my whole family but my loud and controlling aunt told me to stop playing around and show it. As I slowly did the same aunt stood up and came to inspect closer. She proceeded to pull the foreskin back and I embarrassingly started to get an erection. Everyone got a good look at my penis and my aunt then tucked my penis back into my pants. The foreskin still back my overly sensitive head was now fully hard. They continued the conversation I went into the other room. Afterwards my mom came in to the family room and told me that I had an appointment the following week to discuss the subject with a specialist.
The appointment was at Cincinnati children’s hospital and was fairly simple and fast. Once checked in and ushered back to the room. A guy doctor came in and asked why we were there. My mom proceeded to tell him that we were there to have me circumcised. He had me ***** down and looked at me fairly fast. Said that everything would be simple and to wait around for a nurse to take my stats height weight blood pleasure and so on. He then told her to set it with the receptionist. A date was set that day and a couple months later I went in for the procedure. The day I went in I changed into a gown and a nurse took my vitals. She placed cloves on and examed my body. I lay on a bed and was rolled away. They gave me a pill to relax and local for pain. All I felt was pulling and tugging a little pinching but no pain. When I went home it was wrapped in a gel bandage and gauze. I miss my foreskin but I have come to realize that there are benefits to both sides. So this is my story. It is real. Not some sex fantasy. Tell me your thoughts and so on.
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A long story sounds pretty interesting

Thank you sharing your story

Well, to start with I'm glad you're circumcised. You and your partners have a better penis for sex. I'm not sure why your mother hesitated so much...could it be that your dad was uncut? This is probably why she asked for the opinion of other females in the family. Anyway, you had some nicely erotic experiences...starting with the babysitter girl who was the first to see your glans...even if it was only to pee. It's just a pity you weren't clipped earlier. But that babysitter certainly prevented an infection that might have been bad by pulling your skin back for the first time. She should definitely have mentioned the cleanliness factor to your mother, they would have clipped you earlier.

the babysitter did discuss it with my mother and I later did find out that my dad is uncircumcised but he looks cut. I think the discussion between the babysitter and my mom was what started her thinking about it but your right talking with the women of the family was the final straw. I'm glad I'm cut. I would have been so embarrassed to be with a girl and have foreskin. I still have my frenulum and have always wondered if I should get it removed. no one has ever said anything when they see it but still..