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I've had two circumcisions, both in my teens. I grew up with a very small penis with a foreskin like a trunk which kept getting sore and tight so that it wouldn't pull back and gave a lot of trouble. My parents wouldn't do anything about it, but when my home broke up I went to a new home with my aunt and her partner, and they both liked boys to be circumcised and they wanted me to be. At first there was a snag because parental permission was officially required, and my dad wouldn't give it, but they got the doctor to say I needed immediate surgery because of the tightness and soreness and also because it was stopping my penis from growing to normal size, and so I had what was a loose circmcision in all but name which made it so that my knob was uncovered and there was no more soreness or anything, but there was still quite a lot of foreskin. After I was 16, though, parental permission was no longer required, and so they arranged for me to have the sort of circumcision they liked, which cut off all the rest of the foreskin and left my knob permanently completely bare and proud, and what was left was just the bit of skin to cover the very short shaft that I have..

I'm in the UK where there's not many circumcised guys, but I love it and I think it would be better for a lot more UK guys if they were circumcised. A lot of people talk about the advantages of it being cleaner and not so easy to get HIV and so on, but it's really more than that. With me it just made me feel grown up when I was fully circumcised and it feels nice and I'm proud of it and like showing it even though my penis is so small, and I know it's the same with a lot of guys who get cut when they're older and I think it's reasons like that why circumcision has been going for thousands of years.

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I was circumcised at birth but it didn't help my penis grow. It is still tiny.

Alan, I'm glad you are happy with your circumcision. I've met a couple of women who are very happy that they chose to undergo labiaplasty (which is a common elective surgery for females these days). A labiaplasty trims or removes a woman's inner labia (which form part of the female foreskin/prepuce, along with the clitoral hood). Labiaplasty is a type of medicalised female circumcision. Both these women feel that their labiaplasty improved genital hygiene and aesthetics.

By the way, like you, I'm from the UK, but I only know of one adult male who has needed (supposedly) circumcision for medical reasons (I didn't ask him if he was pleased with the outcome). Circumcision is evidently quite rarely needed.

I'm just wondering whether you think that the testimony of women who have undergone labiaplasty, and are pleased with the outcome, could ever justify subjecting young girls to the same procedure (e.g. their daughters, to save them from having it done later), or whether their testimony is relevant to women who are perfectly happy with their prepuce?

Ethically, there is nothing wrong with either male or female circumcision, PROVIDED that the person chooses if for his/her own body. Personally, I would hate to be circumcised. Foreskin is a great source of sexual pleasure for me.

i was circumcised at 45, by wife request. should have done it sooner

It's so bad you uncle and aunt needed parental permission to help you get rid of your foreskin. They were a lot wiser than your parents, though - the sooner a young male is circumcised, the better.

Glad you are happy with it, i had it done for the same reason, but i was much older when i had it done.

Foreskin is there for a reason, and I believe it greatly enhances sex. Here in England, a circumcised penis looks bizarre. Only U.S. Americans seem to think that the foreskin contributes to infections or STDs. That claim amuses me, since the USA (whose men are about 80% circumcised) has the highest level of STDs and HIV out of the developed nations, as the CDC admits on its website. Europe has the lowest rate of HIV despite our promiscuity, and the fact that we are at least 90% UNcircumcised. <br />
USA, get real! And leave the penis of baby boys in peace.

Richardvancouver, since that study (in the NHSLS) was performed in the USA, where circumcision has been virtually the norm, and foreskin is generally derided, I wonder how much of that \"sexual dysfunction\" is attributable to American women\'s prejudice against the male foreskin. Indeed, if you examine that study (carried out by Ed Laumann et al.), you will find that the authors raise the same question. The study also found that STDs were equally prevalent among circumcised and non-circumcised men, and that was its most significant finding.

Several recent European studies find that circumcised men experience less sexual pleasure than non-circumcised men, and also have somewhat more sexual dysfunction. E.g:
1) Male circumcision and sexual function in men and women: a survey-based, cross-sectional study in Denmark”. Int. J. Epidemiol. (2011) 40(5): 1367-1381 first published online June 14, 2011 doi:10.1093/ije/dyr104
2) Alexithymia and Circumcision Trauma: A Preliminary Investigation
Journal International Journal of Men\'s Health
Issue Volume 10, Number 2 / July 2011

Anatomically, the foreskin is proven to be richly innervated with unique fine-touch nerve receptors (much more densely innervated with these than the glans is), and furthermore it protects and conserves glans sensitivity. On that basis, it would be counter-intuitive to conjecture that the circumcision of normal, healthy foreskin will not impair sexual enjoyment significantly. The exception to this is likely to be circumcision for medical reasons, in order to remove defective foreskin.

Particularly in this day and age (with everything we know on carcinogenic properties of foreskin cells, and the function of the foreskin in transmitting bacteria and viruses to partners while increasing chances of infection, among others) parents who do not haved their baby boys circumcised early on are irresponsible. But you're right, it's more than that: it's showing proudly the head of your **** when naked, to women of course (for sex) but also to men (when you pee and in the showers), so everyone knows you're a real male, not a baby boy.

Small is great!

Very small, I'm afraid. Cant help it - just the way I'm made

How big is your penis?

I love being circumcised, and it's not difficult for an adult guy to find reliable clinics or hospitals who will do it for you and I can safely say that it wont hurt - mine didnt and most other guys say the same. Most guys take about 3 weeks to a month to heal up enough to be able to use their new *****.