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I used to think that cognitive therapy was like putting sticking plaster over a festering wound and that it was better to get to the reason for the problem like they do in psychotherapy. I took part in a binge eating research project and received free cognitive therapy. Within 6 weeks I was cured and have never binged again. That was 15 months ago. I'm now a big fan of this form of therapy.

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thank you for your reply i will do some research

Hi there annaleestar, It's basically identifying what you are thinking, what you are feeling, and what you are doing and choosing other options which are more helpful to you. It sounds complicated but the therapist teaches you the skills step by step so it doesn't get overwhelming. CBT (for short) was devised by Aaron Beck. His daughter Judith Beck has written a book called The BeckDiet Solution which goes through CBT steps day by day for six weeks to enable you to lose weight. I had already learnt most of them but found it a useful brush-up. The great thing about CBT is that once you learn the skills, you can use them in every area of your life where you are having a problem.

Wish I could have gotten on board with that research project! Binge eating is a huge issue for me.

It helped me seperate my emotions and what was actually happening, something that gets interwined too closely.

Hi, I understand what you mean about 'sticking plaster'. I did therapy for a while thinking this was what i needed , but only made me feel more depressed as it just regurgitates the past and awful emotions with no real solutions.<br />
I find CBT keeps me in the present and offers tools that work to overcome anxieties in the now. I'm overcoming social anxiety and able to go out more - doing yoga, gym and reconnecting with my creativity through classes. Even being on this site making comments is a big thing for me. I appreciate your post.

hi is that similair to nlp therapy ?id be interested to hear more about it if you are happy to share as i am considering this to help me in some issues i have,thank you