No Biggie

My older half-sister (older by 8 years) suffered from depression as a teen and eventually started to use drugs. My dad struggled with this for a long time, and when I turned 13, he got me a psychologist to "nip things in the bud", basically.

I really liked my psychologist. He was nearing retirement at the time, and had few clients, so we managed to grow very close. He became a kind of friend, and I still feel like I can turn to him in times of need, especially now that he's retired. I still rebelled and went through the teen motions, but often times the thought "What am I going to tell Dr. -- " would pop into my head, and make me sheepish. It's easier to lie to my parents than to him.

Counselling has a stigma attached to it that shouldn't be. I feel like more people should be in counselling. Violent crimes would be down, that's for sure, and people would generally be happier. Emotion is there to be expressed and felt and recognized, and Dr. -- made my life a lot better.

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1 Response Aug 19, 2009

I think it's a great tribute to your dad that he recognized the need and was proactive in dealing with it. Good for him.<br />
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Good for you for seeing the benefit of the counselling. I'm glad you had a good counsellor.<br />
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There really shouldn't be a stigmatism with counselling - but there is - people speaking out like you have here helps dispel misconceptions though.