Counselling Report

So I went and poured my heart out for two sessions..

guess I've always known why I don't approach people.. (to top it all.. I don't understand what people are saying!!!!) ****! I have a hearing problem.. when it happens, I couldn't understand a thing of what people who talked to me was saying. It sounds gibberish. I asked them to repeat again, and it still sounded gibberish.. On some days I can hear as clear as ever. This applies to everyone I talked to.

How embarrasing it is to gawk like a fish or couldn't reply to a decent conversation.. It frustrates me sooo bad... I asked my psychiatrist once about my hearing problem, but he said it has nothing to do with schizophrenia.. (several times, with full schizo symptoms, I was totally deaf for a while)

She said I know it frustrates you that this happened but it is not a barrier to communication. You can first either explain why you can't hear, and ask them to repeat again.. good advice I suppose..

I thought counselling will be some sort of question and answer session but it almost turn out like my psychiatric session with prof Hamid.. I mean, for both I felt like I'm making a huuhaa out of nothing. But I gotten some introspection from out of it... I mean, HOW can I NOT HEAR properly????
My teacher in high school once said to me that I should get my ears' checked.. scary..

Anyway, I decided not to get further appointments until I start next sem. I don't know what else to say. I might talk crap.. I crapped out a little at the last minute.. geeez..

amejad amejad
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ok.. I will.. thanks ;)

Its not clogged, its just thati as born with a smaller hole then most people<br />
it is quite common on some people. Go to your doctors, they will find out the problem and tell you what the best solution to it is

owh is it like clogged or something?? that sounds funny lol<br />
but yeah that problem is a problem sometimes.. ;)

Hello Amejad<br />
If you canot hear properly then you should seek medical adive for this problem. I do not think it sounds liek a psychiatric problem as in Schitzophrenia. I somtimes loose hearing and often hve to ask people to repeat themselves. The reason for this is because the hole around my ear drum is to small. It wasnt painful of scary, all they did was look at it, no operations or needles or anything. They gave me a ear plug like the ones swimmers wear and simpley said to insert it into my ear when i go to sleep to help open the ear up. And it has worked, i hear perfectly fine now.<br />
As for the therapy side,, if your not comfortable with your therapist then you should change until you do feel comfortable. There is nothing wrong with expressing how you feel after 2 sessions, therapy is there for you to talk and express. Some people think that psychiatrists and therapists are not good people but they are. There are some that have disgusted the profession but others who have excelled. Just know that not everyone is bad and that if you need help, help is always there for you.<br />
I hope you find what you are looking for in therapy and that it brings you great joy and happiness.

thank you.. ;)

owh and Allah allows me to get better.. alhamdulillah

yes he's muslim.. we approached a lot of medicinal people not just doctors.. but I'm glad I'm ok now thanks to them..

yeah.. haha I'm actually still seeing my psychiatrist because he doesn't want me to stopped the meds.. but I've stooped the meds for a week and a bit now.. and erm.. It supposes to helped to create more brain cells or something. I don't know..