Crossdressers Love Older Men In Bed

Last night I got off work late last night and decided to take a walk to wind down.  I picked a nice yellow thong with little butterflies on it.  Put on a unixex pair of runnning pants.  They end mid calf with a nice flair at the bottom.  Tight on the rear.   The outline of my thong was very visable.  I putt a nice running bra under my sweatshirt.  I took a nice course through the local housing track.  I had my butt tight to make it wiggle a bit.


I had not seen much of any one.  A couple cars passed.  One slowed to take a look and drove on.  Another passed and parked down the street  an older guy, maybe 60, got out to take his groceries in.  He dropped one of the bags as I got closer.  I aske him if he needed help in a femine voice.  He started to say no, then looked and said sure .  He pointed at my shoelace and said it was untied.  It wasnt but I bent over anyway.  My pants pulling down exposing my thong. 


I helped him in and he offered me a stiff drink.  He complemented me on the thong.  I asked if he wanted to see more.  He sat down.  I leaned agains a chair and sloly slide my pants down wiggling my butt and maoning in pleasure..   He asked if I would give him a lap dance.  I lowered the lights and slid on his lap in my thong and jog bra.  he was hard as a rock... mmm I slide back and forth to feel his **** between my buns.  he pushed me off and guided my head to his open zipper.  I slid his pants off and slurpe the juice off the top.  He pushed my head down all the way so my tongue was on his hairy balls.  I sucked him deeply  only slide off to suck each ball in hot mouth.  I could feel him throbbing.   I asked him where he would like to finish.  He pushed my mouth over his ****   and and slammed a mouthful into me.  As he finished he said your mouth... this time.  I gave him my number.  As I left he grabbed me and hugged me.  He asked if we could sleep together.  I said a littlehe spooned around me in the big bed kissing my neck.  I was getting very randy...I grabbed his butt and pulled him close.  his nake body made me very hot.  I felt his **** wack up agains my back.  He whispered the next time is now.  He pushed me on my belly.  put some ky on my gurl *****.  and ran his fingers around to losen me up.  I was almost breathless.  slowly he slide his big **** in.  I almost burst...he held my head down and pumped hard.   grunting and sweating on me.  I could feel it drip on my back.  he slapped my butt and told me to be a good ****.  I moaned loader.   I felt him throb and told him I was ******* too (in my *****).  He slammed a last time filling me with the warmest gooest *** every.  I almost passed out.he stayed in until soft.  then givng me a deep kiss.  I took his gooey **** in my mouth to clean him up.  Thanked him and walked home.  *** dripping down my leg all the way home.


I dream he will call me back soon.



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There's something about older men. My first time with a man was with an older man (mid 40s), when I was 20. He was a roommate, and he came home to find me in makeup and wearing a thong bikini. I knew he was gay, but he didn't know I was a crossdresser. He proceeded to have his way for me, and I have been a slave to **** and older men ever since.

I've never had sex with another man but I fantasize about it sometimes. I don't think I could suck him, but I could fondle his tool and offer him my ***. Lord knows I've abused myself this way enough times.

I agree. I hope he did call and now you're living happily ever after.

What a nice story, I sure hope he calls you.



much hotter in person. :) Thank you for your comments.

You're a bad girl, go to my room immediately!