My Naughty Babysitter

I like to wear my sisters thongs when no one is home. Im 13 shes 18. One i was wearing her thong under my sweatpants cuz no one was home. Then my baby sitter came She is about 19 or so. So she was just watching tv so i went with her. Then i droped my snack. I bent down to pick it up and she saw the thong. She then asked me bout it. Then she ulled down my pants. I was sanding there in a pink lace thong and hard. First she lauphed then got angry. She gave me a huge wedgie. She yelled and said "dont do that dont wear your sisters thongs" and stuff like that.then i pulled down her pants and gave her a thong wedgie she got so angry. Then she said "so you like thongs soo much try mine on" so i did. IT was so comfy and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small.I jizzed in her thong. She got so mad. THen she took me outside and hung me from a tree by her thong. She i am hanging from a tree in a tiny thong hard and wet.After 20 mins she let me down. I was still hard. SHe braught me inside and spanked me. I jizzed more. She got even maddder. SHe hung me from a hooke by her thong again. Then she went to the couch and fell asleep. The thong ripped annd i fell to the floor. I went to my sisters room and put on a thong. The i took off my baby sitters shirt and bra. ( shes a very heavy sleepper) Then i took off her shorts ( she was laying down naked but wearing a thong. I then hung her thong from a hooke. The was so mad. I also tied her hands behind her back and taped her mouth. I started slapping her breasts and felt them up. WHen it was 12 i knew my parents would be home in 30 mins so i let her down after she was hanging for 1 hour. She was so mad but knew my parents would be home soon. SHe cleaned up the house and we watched tv togetehr. We both put our clothes back on.
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Send me more pleeeese and ya u won

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