My Parents Treat Me As A Money Making Machine

I am from a middle class Indian family.

I was considering my parents as the worlds best

Then i got a big opportunity to go and work abroad in Dubai as an engineer.

I shifted to my workplace and asked my wife to complete her last term of CA and join me.

My wife was staying back to India with my parents.

When my parents saw the increasing bank balance,they made a plan to cheat me.

 They pretended as if they were fighting with each other and their relation is in danger due to financial crisis. In fact my father was earning a fair good amount of salary that time and he could easily make up the financial demands of the family.

They  told me that if I don't help them that  time ,they will take divorce from each other.

I use to sent my entire earning every month as i wanted to see them together.

then my wifes term of CA was completed and she was about to join me ,they decided not to allow her to come to me.

I use to trust them blindly they were next to  god to me.

They created lot of misunderstanding between me and my wife and I also trusted them

finally they were successful in getting me divorced.

Their plan of getting continuous undevided flow of money towards them.

 they asked me for the power of attorny and "managing" my every single hard earned penny..

On one fine day i checked my bank statements on internet  ,was terribly shocked that my bank account was nil and my money was transferred to their accounts

when i asked my parents regarding this ,they did a false police case against me. 

Despite of me being innocent,Greedy Police tried to trap me on instructions of my parents.

And I had to rescue myself by paying money.

After all this traumatic experience I decided not to see the face of my greedy parents again.

Then they created my image as a son who dump his old parents

And they sectetely try to threaten me by false police case again.

And now I am scared just because I cant handle the legal matters in India, by sitting here in Dubai

So moral of the incidence is never trust even your shadow when it comes to your money matters






kuchuda kuchuda
31-35, M
3 Responses Feb 14, 2010

your real life story was very sad, your parents are so cruel, but get your wife back with you,you will be having wonderful life ahead.

Nice story. I hate my parents so that's not a problem.

Holy crap! That is insane. I can feel for you as my parents were really good at manipulating me to give them money my whole life during my programming jobs and now, as an engineer. The past eight years they have manipulated over $15,000 out of me that I freely gave as I felt I was helping them and only found out they blew it on re-modeling their kitchen and buying a new expensive tv., video games, etc. Then I find out they bad mouth me behind my back and so now my only recourse is to not have contact with them, if for nothing else, my own sanity. There latest family drama is that they are starving, have no food to eat, etc. I later find out from my siblings that my dad chooses not to work and instead plays xbox but yet somehow I should feel guilty for their lack of food? I cannot talk to them because I can tell from key words in every sentence of theirs that it is just another clever manipulation orchestrated by the both of them, how clever, huh? Thankfully for me I have finally discovered the truth by observing their actions, not their words, and by collecting information from close family members who are stable, and not crazy.