Maturity Is Sexy

For some reason, I'm very attracted to men who are older than me. Most of my crushes are older than me, and that would mean 5, 10 or 20 years older. I thought it might be fun to find someone this older because they're the once who's responsible of you when it comes to your relationship. So I did plan to find men who are older than me, but, no one got attracted to me because I look like an elementary student not to mention overweight. But as I loose the baby fats, I suddenly got the attention I've always wanted to have from men, but, I didn't mean it in a sexual way. I had my philosophy teacher see my flirtatious side, then another is my taxation teacher which I like... but the most crush that I had is to a math teacher, he's teaching in college [nose bleed]... and he maintained being attractive... anyway, for some reason I get attracted to men who are older especially if they're smart. Good thing they're all just my crushes, who knows... tsk tsk tsk... 
indisicive53 indisicive53
18-21, F
Oct 22, 2010