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Sooooooo Many

I had a crush on this after school teacher, Tommy when I Was in Jr High.

In high school I did a public policy seminar in the summer and kind of crushed on that guy. It backfired though, when he started asking me to stay after class and trying to take me out and buy me things and isolate me from my friends to the point where people questioned if I deserved to be there and if I didn't just suck my way to the top. And then he'd buy me really inappropriate things.. and drive 5 hours unannounced to my school. AND CALL and CALL and then I had dreams he was going to stalk me rape and murder me. Immediately I got rid of him.

Then there was my Psych teacher from junior year OMG. SO. FRICKIN. HOT. and we still email. I won't go there though because he has a little baby son and his wife is REALLY nice and he's just too good a guy.

And then there was my history teacher from senior year who was just amazing. We connected on a spiritual level and intellectually. It was like we were always on the same page. He taped right into my sapiosexual tendencies. And I'd wear like really attention getting things to class like 4 inch heels and like little dresses smh. but then we started having all these private talks. And one time I saw him outside of class and I think he might have been smoking weed (he was wearing sunglasses in doors acting really strange) he came behind me and told me I smelled "so good" and that I'm eighteen and I could do whatever I want. My friend was trying so hard to conceal her laughter. We also still email each other and because it's a communication thing I still want him. And he was in new york this pass weekend and I was too late replying his invitation to hang out.. booo. but I'll defintely go after this if I get a chance. Or at least continue to dream. ;)
MrsRight MrsRight 22-25, F 7 Responses Nov 29, 2010

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Daaaaaannnnnggg! I'm sure you were hot, but 15 will get you 20. I would not risk that, for anyone. :)

I like him too & nope.

I like the history teacher... Thanks for sharing! Did you ever get to go with any of them?

Haha i was just talking about how in high school i was attracted to quite a few of my male teachers...smh Thanks for posting!<br />
<br />
<br />
Ohh and good luck with that hott history teacher!!! lol

i love hot teachers. lol

Very nice, you seem to handle these situations well. I hope that you and the last guy get a chance to hook up one time. I look forward to reading the rest of your stories.

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