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Past Tense Does Apply Here

Wow, it seems a lifetime ago when I did have a crush on my teacher. It was more powerful than just a crush, although our relationship seemed to change it's meaning often. We were friends first and foremost, and everything else came second.
I missed him a lot when I first moved on to college, but things have changed. I've moved on from those feelings, as difficult it is to believe.

I do not deny that he was in my life for a reason, and I already know that reason. But I won't linger too much on the moments that we shared, because what would be the point of such a fruitless endeavor? I am content with the present moment.
IronLotus IronLotus 18-21, F 1 Response Dec 27, 2010

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how did u manage to move on as i struggling to do that? and i still miss him