First Impressions.

 For most of my peers in my first period Literature class, it's just too early. Too early to think. To early to take notes. Too early to do anything but yawn and try not to slump their heads in their heads on their desks and snooze. So it almost makes perfect sense that while Mr. C was giving a lesson to us on Shakespeare that morning, that I was one of the few who were truly paying him any mind.

Cause I'm not like most of my peers in the slightest.

Kick in my door any given Friday night and you'd find me with my eyes glued to a book, voluntarily shutting myself in from the usual activities that teens are expected to get up to. Now I'm not totally commending the idea of "fun" that today's generation has, but I really don't think that any amount of sex, beer, or weed could diminish my love for books, and I guess it was that mixture of isolation and passion that I had that led me to develop feelings for Mr. C in the first place.

The man enjoyed reading as much I did, and still does, if I'm not mistaken. He would go out of his way to express the importance of literacy in general, and he had this little, wicked sense of humor to go about it as well,

"The only reason for thinking books suck is because of one of two things: you're lazy and never finished one in your life, or you never learned how to read. If the first, then get off your butt and head to the library next door. If the second, then get the hell out of my classroom."

His face went cold for a moment when he told us this, and the silence filled the room like a balloon as everyone shifted in their seats. I was convinced that his threats were serious until I saw the corner of his mouth begin to twitch.

"I was kidding guys. Welcome to tenth grade World Lit!" Mr. C. broke out into a wide smile. I remember that it made his dark, young eyes shine, and all the physical appeal surrounding him; his smooth hair, his crisp wardrobe, became evident to me within those few seconds.

I liked this guy.

I wanted to know him.

Most of all, I wanted to be taught by him, and now I have been for the past year. Are my feelings still as strong?

Not exactly.

But let me tell you, it was a heck of a first impression.

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That was very well written