Crush On Teacher

Yes I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was in 11th grade, I was 17 years old. And had for my "economics" teacher,  a woman ,with brains and beauty. It seemed every time I looked at her , her voice would just drift off, and all I could see was an angel .. Well at 17 and all my hormones running wild, but with her it was the pleasure of looking at a sunrise, the sight of a falling star. Not in a sexual manner,just pure beauty . I thought the best thing was just not to look at her. Unfortunately she had the habit of walking around the room during the class, and always turning my head must have looked a bit odd. So by the third time I had this class, I decided to just stare at the floor. About  ½ way through the class, the teacher said to me " Jeffrey I don’t appreciate my students sleeping in my class", I assured her I was not sleeping, and heard every word see said. Then as class was dismissed, she told me she wanted to speak to me in the hall.. oh boy.getting a note to bring to Mom… Well we get out in the hall, she asked why I was not paying attention I class. Well Mom always said honesty was the best policy.
So I said , in the most non-offensive way..she was just so pretty that when I did look at her , well I just could not concentrate on what she was saying..
[[ just to note , she always dressed professional, nothing revealing, long skirts . little make-up ]] . Well we both started to blush… She was real embarrassed at my answer, and she did say it was the first time that excuse was ever used, to get out of a note to there Mom.. I said it was the truth . then she said ," you can look at the floor, but if your grades slide, I’ll know you lied to me … Well my grades never went below a 93… She was an excellent educator , just too pretty to  look at….

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It`s interesting to hear the young students` point of view. <br />
<br />
I`m a teacher and I guess my young student and I are falling in love. I dunno how we could make this through but there is shouldn`t be any rules in love right? And besides, age is just a number ;)

A teacher and a young student falling in love. Wow! like a fairy-tale story. I want to know, how old is the teacher and how young is the student. You are a teacher in a school where you are suppose to educate the children that parents entrusted in you. If the student is not a minor you're fine because she can decide for herself but if she still needs parental guidance and you are taking advantage of a young immature mind, my dear there's a name for that esp. if you are married. You sound very familiar.

Hello,<br />
1957 was when i was born.<br />
I didn't have a crush on my teacher because im a bloke and i went to an all boys school, im not that way inclined myself, but my maths teacher CRUSHED me though.<br />
I was 15 years of age at the time, remember as though it was only yesterday as well.<br />
I was captain of my City's cricket team and he was in charge, he was very secretive about his first name and all we knew was that it started with a J. We were playing another city team quite locally when i overheard someone call him by his first name (Jeromy) i had a little grim to myself at finding out his first name, when he turned round and bashed me around the head, putting me on the floor. Thought that he had perforated my eardrum, had ringing in it for quite a few minutes.<br />
That little episode cost me my position as the captain of my city team and also my school team.<br />
Never shall forget that day. Glad to hear that your crush was a bit more pleasant.<br />
PS. I didn't allow that moment to get in the way of my academic life at school and i still passed my maths exams!