Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough To Not Acknowledge :)

I was raised in a very Catholic family - church, private school (with uniforms of course) and the ever-so watchful eye always on me.

When I was in the 3rd grade, my P.E. teacher would always call us into his office (in which he shared with a female PE teacher) to either pick out balls for that day's events or what have you. So sometimes, we'd see just the corner of a Playboy or Penthouse dirty mag sitting hidden under a pile of paperwork.

Well, my friends were so enticed at this (and I suppose I should include myself in that enticement) that they/we decided to steal his stash of 3 Playboys. So to make a long story very short, we all took turns bringing those mags home and would essentially trade them for things - lunch money, homework assignments, shoes (yes, we'd traded shoes as well lol) among other things. Well, when it was my turn to bring it home, I got cold busted by my parents b/c I was silly enough to put it underneath the pillowcase with the mag under my head. My Dad didn't say anything until after he tucked me in. THEN he came back after I thought I'd gotten away with it to bust me lol Well, he threw it in the trash outside and I knew where he put it exactly so I could reclaim it in the morning before school which I did ;)

So I show up to school and everyday was a happy day when I was in 3rd grade b/c my teacher was absolutely stunning. I hung on her every word and I'm sure it inevitably cost me good grades b/c I was busy gawking at her instead of paying attention to what she was actually teaching. So at lunchtime, someone ratted me out and EVERYONE'S backpacks were seized and ruffled through. Well of course mine was the targeted one and my teacher pulled it out infront of the whole class. My face was about to explode from embarrassment!!!!!! I was sent to the Principal's office all by my lonesome - well as it turns out, one of my "friends" was busted the previous evening and when asked who had the rest of the stash, my name was given. Nice friend - jack ***.

I never got suspended, but I did tackle my "friend" a bit harder in the football games just to make a point. Ironic because from what I heard, he now likes men so I'm pretty sure Playboy's aren't in his house lol

Thanks for reading :)
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When I was a kid - I was always jealous of the kids who went to the private Catholic school - it always seemed they were having more fun than the rest of us. Now I know they really were. lol!

Did your P.E. teacher find out?

Ironically - no lie, my PE teacher ended up beating the living crap out of the guy who ratted me out. Not b/c of the Playboy thing, but something else. The teacher ended up getting fired anyway for it.

That is a very crazy but also interesting 3rd grade story.