History Teachers.

I had a huge crush on two of my high school history teachers. One World, the other US. The first teacher taught at my boarding school, and I had a thing for him during my sophomore year. He was certainly something to look at. And he was so sweet, too! The second teacher taught me my senior year at public school, and this crush wasn't quite as innocent! Not saying anything happened between us, but I made daily dirty jokes in his expense. I flirted with him openly. I could tell he was surprised at first, but he got used to it! Of course, there were those few awkward moments that come with your teacher in his late 40's over hearing a 17 year old girl telling her friends, and his students, about the kinky sex dream she'd had about him. Haha. Then of course there was the time he heard me joking about how he had two goatees. ;) Good times. I miss him. We should have banged.
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the amount of disturbing things that my teachers have overheard me telling my friends is unreal. it's no wonder that half the teachers look scared of me :L