It's Been Six Years And I Still Love Her

In 2006 I started my Literatures in English AA at a community college. In the first semester I had two lectures for three courses; a female for Intro to Poetry and the same male for Intro to Drama and Fundamentals of Writing. Needless to say I enjoyed Intro to Poetry waaaaaaaaaay more. lol. She's a little thing (not that I'm tall myself), fair-skinned, well-dressed, very intelligent and informed, endearing and funny. All the ingredients needed for a BAD ROMANCE. lol I was smitten from the time her went to that white board to write her name.

Six years later, a friendship that has waned and renewed (but not to its full strength, unfortunately) I'm still hooked. I think of her each and everyday; even more often and more fondly than my own boyfriend. In reality, I wish I could've been her husband. Everytime I write one of these confessions/stories I profess that desire...because it is quite true!
22-25, F
May 8, 2012